Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cute Critter Moment

As you read this, keep in mind my daughter does NOT know I wear dresses.
Last night I was putting my (almost) 5 year old daughter Audrey to bed and was reading her favorite book to her - Cinderella. My daughter is a MAJOR girly girl and she adores frilly dresses like those that Cinderella and the other Disney princesses wear.
For those of you that are out there thinking "Oh that poor girl! She has a cross dresser for a father and he's making her wear that stuff" I give you my word I had nothing to do with her preferences in this regard. She came by her love of that stuff all on her own despite my not encouraging it, and my wife being a major Tom Boy.
So anyway, in this book, Cinderella gets married and they have a wonderful drawing of her in her beautiful wedding dress. My daughter looks up at me.
"I wish I had a beautiful dress like that!" she says with a wistful look on her face.
"You will someday sweetheart," I tell her, "That's a wedding gown and someday when you are much older, you will get married and you will have your own wedding gown."
She thinks for a moment and then asks "Did Mommy wear a wedding gown when you got married?"
"Yes, she did" I responded.
"Did YOU wear a wedding dress too Poppa?" she asks with not a hint of humor or sarcasm.
"No little one, I did not wear a wedding dress" I told her, probably with a bit of a wistful tone of voice myself now.
"Why not Poppa?" she asked.
"Because baby, some grown up made a silly rule that boys aren't supposed to wear dresses" I replied.
"Why not?" she asked, sounding just a little indignant that someone would just arbitrarily decide boys could not enjoy something she loves so much.
"I don't know why little one, but people would make fun of me if I wore a dress. It's kind of unfair huh?"
"Yeah, thats not fair Poppa, but you can still wear a dress in the house if you want to." She paused for just a moment as if a thought had struck her.
"But not MY dresses Poppa. They are TOO small for you!"
I laughed so hard I almost cried!

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