Today I did something unusual - I went shoe shopping.
Nothing unusual about that, but what did make it unusual was the fact that I was shopping for mens shoes! lol
Anyway, after being repeatedly disappointed by poor quality, I dont shop for womens shoes at Payless anymore, but I'm not so fussy about my guy shoes, and so when I saw Payless right next to the Subway sandwich shop I was getting lunch at, I decided to step in and buy some new guy shoes.
As I was sitting on the bench trying on a pair of running shoes, a woman walked past me. At least I thought it was a woman right up until "she" let loose with a decidedly masculine cough. I glanced up at her and quickly realized that I was looking at another TG, and so I gave her my very best smile, but I didn't say anything as I didn't want to risk shooting down her confidence.
When I took my shoes up to the counter, the manager gave me a smile.
"You know we are having a 'buy one pair, get the other half off' sale?" she asked, and so off I went, looking for another pair of shoes. More specifically, womens shoes. I found a pair of tan pumps that would be only $13 after the half off deal, and so I returned to the counter where I found the TG woman in line in front of me. She took one look at the pumps and got a huge grin on her face.
"Ah!" she said "So are you a drag girl?"
"Pretty much!" I grinned back at her.
"Me too." she told me.
We chatted for a good 5 to 10 minutes about this and that and then went our own ways.
I thought that the most interesting thing about the encounter was the fact that we were standing there in front of everyone and having a casual and candid conversation about who and what we were. Neither of was ashamed and neither of us was shy about it, and not one person standing around us seemed to care in the very least.