Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good news - bad news

Well, layoffs hit again today with my company.
The good news is that I still have my job - for now.
The bad news is, my wife, who works for the same company I do, does not.
She was "let go" today. Hmmm . . . "let go". What a nice and ambivalent way of saying "lost her job, her way of contributing, everything she had strived to do to perfection" for the last five years. Neither she or I have ever been fired or "lost" a job before. We are both addicted to our jobs. I understand that being a work-a-holic has it's up sides and it's down sides, but when you take away the job that meant so much to someone, you leave a huge hole filled with shame and embarrassment. Tonight my wife sits at home, alone as always, crying that my company felt they could succeed with out her. Her husband, the one that should be holding her as she sobs, sits in a hotel room hundreds of miles from her in Phoenix Arizona, working for the same company that just tossed her aside. I try to see the positive in life - say for example the fact that I still have a job when many people don't, but I can't help it - right now I think life sucks.
Here's someplace my wife and I have never been before - what do you do when you owe more than you make? We've never failed to pay a debt in our entire lives and right now the math is simple - we owe more than we now make. With my wife being pregnant, no one is going to be willing to hire her. I keep telling her not to worry, "things will work out", "things always work out", but I can't seem to follow my own advice.
Well, I was gonna go out in Phoenix tonight. Instead, I think I'm gonna see if I am still capable of putting down a bottle of rum on my own! :-) I kind of like Captain Morgan . . .