Friday, September 7, 2007

September 25, 2007 - JB and Sandy Read my letter on the air!

So on the way to work in Austin Texas this morning my wife and I are listening to the JB and Sandy morning show on 94.7. Sooner or later the topic comes around to the fact that Oscar De La Hoya has apparently been outted as a crossdresser and now the poor guy has his pics posted all over the internet. The JB and Sandy radio show is usually pretty humorous and so I fully expected them to take full advantage of the opportunity to make fun of Oskar and crossdressers in general and was pleased when they didn't! 
Oddly enough, the one that seemed the most put out by it was Autumn, a young lady you might consider sort of a sidekick of the show. While I don't recall her exact words, the gist of her comments was that it was weird, and how could he do this being a husband and father of 4, and how could he be gay, etc.
To my surprise, JB and Sandy both spoke up saying things along the lines of "we all have our things we wouldn't want everyone to know", and "what's so bad about it, he isn't hurting anyone". I was so impressed that when I got to the office I did something I've never done before - I wrote them an email. I told them that I was impressed and relieved that they had responded in what I thought was a reasonably adult way. I went on to tell them that most of us (crossdressers) have the same hopes, dreams, morals, and standards as anyone else. I also told them that most crossdressers are not gay and DO get married and have children, we just like to look pretty! :-)

After writing the email I packed up my tools and laptop and headed to a local customer of mine where I was working this morning. Imagine my shock when I started the car to head out and heard them already reading my letter on the air! I was stunned! Once again I waited for the other shoe to drop, fully expecting them to start taking pot shots at me - and again they didn't! They read my letter in the spirit I sent it with, and said "cool"!

So, it's a long way from being a hero of the TG revolution, but I actually got put a little good press out to the entire city of Austin Texas - how cool is that?!

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