Friday, September 7, 2007

September 07, 2007 - Still In Richmond Va

Well, my second day in Richmond Virginia went well. I had three days to install three systems that we normally allocate 2 days each for and I got all three done on two days. Not only that, but I trouble shot a fourth system that was quite old and well out of warranty and was able to show my customer where the problem was with their tool and not my system - life was good! I was back to the hotel at a reasonable hour so I did the Kim thing.

This was cool as the Z2 club has Karoake on Thursday nights and the last time I went (almost a year ago) they had some outstanding talent. This night they had a few good singers, but nothing like the talent that I recall from my last visit. After a couple of Long Island Ice Teas, I got up and did a few of my favorites.
You should see the look on peoples faces when a cross-dresser gets up to sing. At first you see a lot of looks that seem to say "Oh no, that drag queen is going to try and sing like a woman - this is going to sound like Mickey Mouse!" but then when I just start to sing in my normal voice, all of a sudden the smiles come out. I had fun, and didn't make a fool outta myself, and that's what counts.

I had been wearing my favorite pink outfit so much I was wearing it out, so I had searched high and
low for another like it. This is VERY close to my favorite top and skirt, just a slightly different shade and tone - its not as dark a shade of pink:

Well, the next day (7 Sep) things went to hell. My director found out I was here, and it just so happened that one of our customers here needed the software in some of our generators changed. I'd never worked with this product, but what the hell, how hard can it be to plug my laptop in and upload new software?
Has the ring of famous last words doesn't it?

Well, the application my company sent me to be used to upload the software did not work, so I wasted my customer's entire morning and accomplished nothing. Not only that, but we wasted HIS customers morning as well. See how fast you go from Hero one day to Zero the next??

I was supposed to meet Michelle and hang out with her tonight, but I didn't get out of there until very late, was emotionally and physically exhausted, and so just ate dinner and came back to the hotel. No Kim tonight, just tired, depressed, and lonely old Matt. I miss my critters and I'm all outta hugs . . .

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