Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect

OK – First things first! I’ve seriously considered getting off of Facebook lately because quite frankly,   I think it’s seriously hurtful to the soul to read so much negativity over and over, day after day. I don’t mean to trivialize their loss or their pain in any way, don’t get me wrong, but the heart and soul can only take so much of negativity and sadness. As I mentioned the other day, I spent a good deal of time repairing my damaged blogs a few days ago, and so obviously I was reviewing a good number of my own posts. Guess what?  I discovered that I am guilty of the very thing I just spoke about – posting negativity over and over and over. I think it becomes something of a feedback loop, where once you get into that loop, it just keeps feeding upon itself and it goes faster and faster until it’s out of control and you are lost and overwhelmed by it. This doesn’t rise to the level of a guarantee or a promise, but I intend to try and devote some effort to not focusing on the negative stuff so much on my blog.  I’ll still tell y’all when bad shit happens, but I am going to try not to focus on it so much.

You know how I’m always yapping about how heavy my baggage and toolbox are? Yeah, I had to giggle as I was getting on the shuttle bus from the airport parking lot and the shuttle bus driver had to stop and use both hands to lift my tool box onto the bus. I’m starting to think that maybe I am not in quite as bad a shape as I had thought I was! Don’t worry though, because I at least gave him a decent tip.

I was happily seated on the airplane, and with the boarding process all but complete, I’d begun to think that I was going to be lucky and the center seat next to me just might end up being empty. Not so though, as in the end a young lady came to claim the seat. She made a very brief nod to me toward the center seat but then didn’t give me a chance to get up as she started to make her way between me and the seat in front of me.
“Hold on, I don’t mind getting up to let you in!” I assured her. Not to be dissuaded, she continued working her way to her seat despite the idiot (me) that was partially blocking her way. Gotta hand it to her – she made it, and she did it without stomping all over my feet, so she gets points there. The thing that sort of nagged at me though is that every time we spoke to each other, she went well out of her way to say “Ma’am” repeatedly. While I deeply appreciate her trying so hard to be decent, after about the tenth “Ma’am” in five minutes, you’re sort of over doing it to the point that it’s almost as bad as just calling me sir. Still, she was trying to be a decent human being, so many hugs to you young lady.
I had two hours to kill in the Atlanta airport, and so I headed to the Delta Sky Club nearest to my gate. For the uninitiated, this is more or less the airlines country club. I don’t have the money to join, but they let you pay with miles that you have earned, and I have plenty of those! I handed my ticket to one of their customer service folks to check in and he scans the barcode.
“Welcome Mr. Huddle!” he says. Ok, so I decided right there that maybe having the young lady on the airplane over do the “Miss” thing wasn’t so bad after all.
“Do you prefer Mr. or Miss?” he asks relatively softly, as though it has just occurred to him that I may not particularly care for him saying “Mr.” so loudly.
“Mrs. Would definitely be preferred, thank you.” I answered him, trying not to let my irritation show.
“Well then, welcome back Mrs. Huddle!” he said with a smile, then handed me my ticket back.

When I got to Knoxville, there was no shortage of people staring at me as I waited for my luggage, but I’ve accepted this as the cost of being out and about. I did get a smile though as I schlepped my bags to the rental car lot and heard a woman speaking from behind me.
“Girl, you’ve got it going on with those heels. I can hardly do this in flats but you make it look easy!”
“That’s from lots and lots of practice.” I said, looking over my shoulder and giving her a grin.


  1. I have always enjoyed reading about your outings, positive or negative. I admire and envy how you fly pretty. It still surprises me when you think people figure you out. I only see a beautiful woman.

  2. You are an inspiration, a talent, and a beautiful friend!

  3. I cant believe anyone would stare at you other than to "check" you out.

    1. i agree 100% with your comment on Kim. anybody staring is just checking her out as a gal in a great outfit.

  4. Kim -

    I've always enjoyed your writing - even if you dip into negative territory once in a while. You are an inspiration to us all, and we'd miss you on FB if you left, and we'd miss you here if you stopped writing. Sometimes, we have to take the bad with the good - karmic justice isn't perfect. But we can appreciate it for what we can learn from it. And for each and every "Sir" that depresses us, we get much more intense joy when we hear "Ma'am," "Miss," '"Ms.," or "Mrs." being used to address us.

    Keep it up! Looking forward to your next post.


  5. Though I will probably never “fly pretty”, I do so enjoy your blogs and I always look for you in the airports.

  6. kimberly you still look fabulous i don't know how you do it with your schedule.
    i have not been on blogger in quite some time as it is easier to toggle between my 2 selves on face book than on google i have found.actually i leave the one account open on my tablet and the other on my phone. glad to see you are well and still out and about.
    you mentioned the negativity on facebook i have gotten so i just unfollow anyone that seems to deliberately stir up trouble then sits back and watches the fireworks go off for what seems to be for their own personal amusement. nope life's to short for that so with those situations i stay friends but just unfollow them.
    i still enjoy reading you postings especially your travels.