Sunday, September 27, 2009

SCC - day 1 - Monday 21 Sep

Thelma and Louise go to Atlanta – NOT
Teree Webster and I traveled together from Austin Texas to Atlanta Georgia for the Southern Comfort Conference 2009. It seemed like a match made in heaven since we get along so well together. She graciously provided the transportation and I took care of the lodging. I was gonna fly, but the idea of risking my good guitar to an airline again just scared the snot outta me.
Teree picked me up Monday morning with both of us in boy mode. I didn’t have much choice as my mother-in-law was staying with me. Being just a bit excited about the trip, I had all of my stuff out in a pile on the driveway waiting for her, so it only took us five minutes to get packed and on the road. Our trip started on a Texas highway, watching the sun trying to peak out from behind the clouds while hearing stories of serious rain in Atlanta.

SCC 2009 024

We stopped for the night at the Holiday Inn a little over mid way in Clinton Mississippi. I got all checked in, had the keys in my hands, and Teree and I headed for the elevator. Part way there, the desk clerk softly called my name so I turned around to look at her and found her waving me back the desk. There was another customer at the counter and he stepped aside to let me speak with her.
“Umm . . . “ she said, looking embarrassed and glancing back and forth at Teree and I. “Did you need two beds?”   Teree and I looked at each other and busted up laughing.
“Yes ma’am, we most definitely need two beds!” I told her when I stopped laughing. When I had made the reservation, I was very clear and specific about needing two beds, but seeing that I was a platinum member, they had upgraded me to a better room . . . with a king size bed.

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