Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh well . . .

One of the cost cutting measures my company has been taking is to force everyone to take a week off every two months or so. It doesn't matter if you have the vacation time saved, or have to take it unpaid, you must take the week off. Usually when they do this, at least a few people have to work and this last week I was one of them. Fortunately, my task was to man the tech support hotline, and this can be done from home using my cell phone, so last week I spent the entire week at home with my wife. Each morning we walk my 6 year old daughter to school about a mile and a half or so away. Well, today I have to fly to Detroit so I told my wife "Sorry, I've got to get ready for my flight and so won't be walking with you."
"Why not? You have plenty of time since your flight isn't until almost noon." she asked me. I have no idea why, but her tone was more than a little belligerent. Clearly she was angry that I didn't intend to walk with her. I started to explain that since I was gonna fly as Kimberly, it takes a bit longer to get ready, and she interrupted me.
"Oh, I get it. That's more important to you than we are!" and then she turned and walked out of the room. I sat there kind of stunned, because I really didn't think that I had deserved that. Most mornings I would have been on the way to work and she would have walked my daughter by herself anyway, but like I often tell people - we TG's have our head trips and our wives have theirs. Well, nothing to be done about it now, at this point I'd rather put my wet finger into a light socket than proceed with my plans to fly as Kim. She told me two or three times "I'm sorry" as I put my stuff away and put on my guy clothes, but now I feel like a freak again and am depressed as hell. I was hoping for an amusing day and am instead stuck with a long boring day in airports and airplanes, all the while knowing that my wife resents me. Did I mention that I'm seriously depressed?

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