Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nuttin' Happened . . .

Manassas 2012 03 006
This was another one of those trips where it’s almost not worth writing the story up because nothing terribly interesting happened. I guess that’s a good thing, because it implies that I, and the people that I interact with, are so comfortable with the whole cross dressing thing that it’s nothing special. I suppose that I should be pleased!
Ahead of me in line at the airline counter was a young couple, apparently on their way to get married. He was asking about the cost to upgrade them to first class and then made the decision to go ahead and do it.
“Now I have to warn you, I can get you both into first class, but I don’t have any adjoining seats. Are you OK with that?” the customer service rep asked them.
“Sure, that will be OK” the young man told her, after glancing at his lady for confirmation.
“You can always ask the people next to you if they will move so that you can sit together. Very few people will tell you no. Oh, and I find that it helps a lot of you tell the person sitting next to you that you get violently ill with motion sickness. They just can’t wait to trade seats after you tell them that!”  That got a huge laugh from all of us within ear shot.
This time I was flying with US Airways, and much to my disappointment I discovered that I had gone from being “Gold Preferred” to “Silver Preferred”. What this means is that my odds of getting upgrades to first class on US Airways just plummeted AND I guess that they are supposed to charge me for my second bag.
“OK, so I see that you are silver preferred!” said the customer service rep with a smile as she checked me in.
“Silver? I thought I was Gold? Heck, I’ve even got this purty little card y’all sent me saying that I’m Gold” I replied while handing her the card.
“Yeah, they updated everyone’s status on March first, and it looks like you didn’t make Gold this time. Sorry. . .” she told me, managing to look honestly unhappy about it.
“Oh well, bummer! No worries though.”
“I guess I’m supposed to charge you for the second bag, but I think we’ll just overlook that – what do you think?” she said with a grin.
“I think that sounds awesome – thank you!”

So tickets in hand I headed over to a bench before the security check point to pull my laptop out of it’s bag and to take of my jewelry, and out of the corner of my eye I can see that someone is walking directly toward me. I glanced up and found a very pretty woman with gorgeous hair down to her waist looking straight at me, and so I stopped to wait for her.
“You know, I just had to tell you how much I love that coat!” she told me, pointing at my pretty blue coat.
“Awe, thank you! It is kind of pretty isn’t it? I think I got it at JC Pennys a while back.” I replied with a huge smile. Let’s face it, I love getting compliments from women – there is something most gratifying and affirming about it.


  1. Yes it just validates you and confirms it was all worth the trouble. I don't know how you get clocked so often, your photos make you very passable and attractive. Also you have a feminine shape, I don't get that. Keep on with your writings, they are a great read and gives me a urge to travel.

  2. Anonymous - I've always been honest that my photos are misleading and make me look better than I do in real life. There are a number of things that give hints - make up that is too heavy, a large rib cage, too tall, a voice that is a long way from perfect, the hint of an adams apple, etc, etc. It all adds up . . .

  3. Kimberly -

    Since I don't have a direct email address, I have a question I'd like to ask here. When you travel pretty, what type of voice do you speak in? Have you practiced speaking in a feminine pitch? If so, how did you train your voice not to sound like a male's voice?


  4. Anonymous - my voice is something of a happy medium. I dont sound anything like Barry White, but I wouldn't call it feminine either. I just try to put as little bass into it as possible and then dont worry about it. My worry about "passing" used to be almost overwhelming, but these days, while still concerned with it, I dont let the fear of people knowing I am male cripple me.

  5. Hi Kimberly,
    Girl you inspire me! I am a transgendered girl in the Austin area and I find your "attitude" refreshing. I can't "pass" ever, because I am 6'7" tall ,but you have really given me a whole new perspective. I just go about "my" life as I please now and guess what....I am still breathing. I still have to be smart though. Thank you so much. Maybe someday we can meet. By the way, my wife loves Michelle.
    Thanks so much,

  6. That is great Michelle!!!! Kim is lovely isn't she???? Great floor in your photo Kimmy!! Nice work! XOXOXOXO

  7. Awe, thank you and GOOD for you Michelle!

  8. Just love reading your blog. Must be fun to travel pretty as you do.

  9. hi Kim i have to ask just what is that extension cord growing out of your head on the wall behind you LOL sorry couldn't resist...
    the floor really does look GREAT!
    as does your outfit. that is a very good skirt length for you.

    also i love the victorian like heart chair behind you as well.

    oh just for anonymous - if one starts out speaking in ones falseto (higher voice) somewhat softly with out pushing it to hard the voice will gradually come.
    remember vocal chords are like any other mussel don't strain them though.
    speaking softer will make people listen closer. so what if they ask you to repeat yourself.

    kim thanks for sharing i often wondered what voice you used when traveling.