Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"But its MY air!"

Well my customer in Albany finally said that they were ready for me to come install some of the systems they bought from my company. This trip was supposed to take place over a month ago but my customer just kept pushing the date back over and over. The bad news is that they were wrong – they weren’t ready and so the entire trip was pretty much a waste. Oh well . . .

A couple of weeks ago I bought my first pair of Palazzo pants and gave them a whirl on this trip. Quite honestly, I loved the way they looked and felt! I think they looked really classy and I just felt like I was pretty in them, so it doesn’t get any gooder than that! I paired it up with a pretty purple top that I have had in my closet for two or three years. The funny thing is, I almost got rid of this top a month or so ago having despaired of ever finding the right skirt to go with it. I sure am glad that I kept it though, because I think that these two together make a perfect outfit.

Albany NY 2011 09 29 007

Albany NY 2011 09 29 009
Just before the flight started boarding, the customer service rep called a few people up to the counter to exchange their coach seats for upgraded seats in first class.
“So does this mean that I get to fly in style today?!” I asked her with a smile while handing her my ticket for exchange.
“No dear, you are already flying in style, but now you get to fly in comfort too!” She replied with a grin and a wink.

This was one of the few times I’ve had a flight attendant with Delta airlines that made it fairly clear that she didn’t care for me at all. She spoke to me as little as possible, only to ask me what I needed. She never once smiled at me and she never replied to me when I thanked her for odds and ends. I’ve received that kind of attitude on the more conservative US Airways before, but never on Delta. Bummer . . .

I had a couple of hours to kill in the Atlanta airport while I waited for my connecting flight, and so I went to the Delta Sky Club lounge where I grabbed a coke and a plate full of rabbit food (carrots and celery). I was sitting there crunching away on my snack and reading my book when a couple sat down next to me. I noticed the woman giving my outfit the once over and then she leaned my way.

“You know, your outfit is absolutely flawless and I love your shoes” she told me.
“Well thank you! I have kind of a thing for cute shoes!” I replied with a laugh.
“Oh, it’s not just the shoes, your whole outfit is terrific.” She assured me.
“Thank you. I was actually a little worried that maybe it was a bit too much.”

When I took my seat in the airplane from Atlanta to Albany, the man in the seat next to me was having an argument with the little air vent above his seat. It turned out that both or our air vents were broken – I couldn’t turn mine on and he couldn’t turn his off. He started to kind of fuss sarcastically at the flight attendant about it, clearly irritated that he was going to have the cool air blowing on him for the whole trip. Since I get pretty warm while wearing hip pads, nylons, makeup, and a wig, it seemed like a no brainer to offer to change seats with him.
“I’d be happy to change seats with you if you like?” I offered.
“You don’t mind the air?” he asked me with a doubtful look on his face.
“I don’t mind it at all – I’m actually hot and wouldn’t mind the cool air at all.” I replied.
He thought about it for a second and then got a playful look on his face.
“Yeah, but it’s my air!” he said with a laugh, making it clear that he was yanking my chain.
“And you are more than welcome to it too.” I laughed back.
“Yeah, let’s do it then!”

After checking in at the hotel, I stepped into the elevator to make my way up to the fifth floor where my room was, and a man jumped on just before the elevator door closed. Since he was going to the same floor I was, and the elevator was fairly slow, he decided to strike up a conversation.
“So what brings you here?” he asked pleasantly.
“Work. They’re putting in a new semiconductor factory just north of here and I’m installing some equipment that they purchased from my company.” I replied.
“Really? What company do you work for?” I always hesitate at this question, concerned about what might happen if he is in our industry and actually knows my company. Still, there’s no graceful and polite way past the question and so I told him.
“Neat! So semiconductors – that sounds familiar – what is a semiconductor?”
“Computer chips and that sort of thing.” I told him. A major simplification but I doubted that he really wanted an entire class on the subject.
“Ah – now I get it. By the way, my name is Trevor. Yours?” he asked while sticking his hand out. (for the record, I can’t recall what his name really was)
“Kim,” I said, shaking his hand. “Very nice to meet you.”
“So how long are you going to be here Kim?”
“That’s a real good question!” I replied with a laugh. “It’s going to depend on how prepared my customer really is and on how well things go. Probably two or three weeks though. And you?”
“Oh, I’ll be here about a week.” He said, and then as the elevator door opened and we both headed out “I hope we get the chance to talk again Kim.”
Then it struck me - was he actually flirting with me?!

Well, as I said at the start of this little story, it turns out that my customer was not really ready for us. The bad part is, it was my companies fault. They had asked our factory if they had to plumb a drain line or not, and our factory got their wires crossed and told them that it was not needed. This is no small deal as we are talking about something like twenty systems that all need this drain line installed now. Not only that, but since it will be transporting a hazardous chemical, great care and thought has to go in to it – it is not something where you just go buy some PVC at Home Depot and run your own lines. From my perspective, the worst part about it is that the customer is pissed now, and he was quite free in taking it out on yours truly even though I had absolutely nothing to do with the foul up. I couldn’t bring our systems up and into operation without the missing drain lines, but I there were still a lot of odds and ends I could get done, and so I managed to stay pretty busy until Friday.

Friday morning started with my having to do some laundry if I wanted to have clean clothes to wear. The hotel had exactly one washer and one dryer, but since I was there pretty early in the morning, it was wide open. I did a bachelor load - chucking my dirty work clothes, socks, and the bra I had worn on the trip there all in the same load. Since the machine said it was going to take exactly thirty minutes for the load, I headed back to my room to write up my report for the weeks work. When I returned about thirty five minutes later, I found that someone had moved my things to the dryer, and had even put in the $1.50 that was required to start the machine. I put six quarters on the washing machine to replace the money they had put in my dryer and then I took a seat to read my book while I waited. About ten minutes later a woman about my own age entered the room and we started to chat. I apologized for being late to move my things from the washer and she apologized for moving them. It was right about then that I realized that this would have included my bra and couldn’t help wondering what she might be thinking about that now. Her name was Jan, and she works for FEMA, and so much like myself, she travels a great deal. We swapped stories for the twenty minutes or so that it took for my laundrey to dry.

There was nothing else that I could accomplish with my customer until they got their plumbing problem fixed, and the only reason I was still in the Albany area was because I had a simple service call planned for another customer in the region Monday morning. That means that I more or less had the day off, and so I got cleaned up and headed out to do a little shopping and maybe to see a movie.

Albany NY 2011 09 29 027

The only movie playing when I arrived that I was at all interested in seeing, was the most recent Star Trek in Imax format. I’d already seen the movie, but thought that maybe the Imax version would be interesting so I gave it a go. After the movie, I browsed through the mall looking for bargains, and I actually found a couple.

This peach outfit wasn’t really a color I thought I would look awesome in, but I got a hell of a deal on it and so decided to buy it anyway. After getting it back to the hotel and trying in on, I’ve decided that it was a mistake as it really doesn’t flatter me. Anyone want it?

Albany NY 2011 09 29 028

The green dress below I wasn’t real sure about either. I know the colors work well for me but I wasn’t entirely sure about the style. What do y’all think – should I keep it or get rid of it?

 Albany NY 2011 09 29 035

Saturday I decided to make a movie day. I cant afford to shop anymore, and have no more room in my baggage for anything I might buy anyway, so movies sounded like a good way to kill the day. First I watched “Killer Elite” and then “Abduction”. Both were pretty good movies, better than most I’ve seen recently, but not really anything I’d rant or rave about. I had to laugh as I entered the theater for “Abduction” – it stars Taylor Lautner, the guy who plays the werewolf in the “Twilight” movies, and the theater was full of girls and women, with only one man to be found in the room - assuming that you don’t count me that is  . . . 

Albany NY 2011 09 29 049

Albany NY 2011 09 29 057


  1. First time I read a blog and I enjoys it,....

  2. SO I think you're first outfit is absolutely amazing! If I had a reason to dress all fancy I'd wear it.
    I like the peach one too, but I think the top part is odd. Looks good other then that.
    And the green one I would call a keeper. It's very sunny and cheerful and looks good too.

  3. You look beautiful in everything!

    That said- the peach looks kinda June Cleaver. And the green... meh.

    The purple is
    As is the woman in it! :)

  4. The Palazzo outfit is the best. You look stunning in it.

  5. Well Sis ... You know me a anything that you have no need for .... I well take off your hands any and all outfits your looking to get rid of ... I know you have a closet full of things and many of which well fit me like a glove ... If you still have my home address here in Denver you can send the items to me ... I do have to agree in the the purple blouse and plazzo pants are awesome ... Hugs and Kisses .... Your Sister Sherri...

  6. i looove the look of the brown dress and also the lavender skirt ensemble but you are correct in your thoughts of the pink and green dresses... don't give them closet space.

  7. Wow - I love your outfits -you look stunning!

  8. Outfit votes: Peach - give it away. Green - hold on to it, it's VERY cute. Purple -- GIVE IT TO ME!!! ~~giggle~~

  9. I recently found your blog and amazed at how much of your work I can relate to. I travel around a lot and like to dress pretty, but I've never combined them. I live/work in the Albany area myself, and was surprised to read that you were in the area. I'd love to meet you while you're here.

  10. You had a pretty interesting trip to Albany. I think the guy in the elevator was flirting with you. I also think you're right about the peach dress - it's ehhh. The green print is so-so also. All of the other outfits were great, though.


  11. I really love reading your blog! Your upbeat positivity is infectious and I love that you have so much fun as Kim!

    Thank you,
    Rhi x

  12. Kimberly, you know I love reading your blogs and sighing over how lovely you are while traveling, not something that is fun to do but you go in style and are so lovely! I know it brings joy to your spirit to travel pretty!! I like the peach outfit...I would easily take that off your hands! I like the green dress as well, it's unique and a nice shade that could work for you in a summer situation or a casual cocktail party, whatever works for you! I really enjoy your blogs and catching up with all you have been doing!!

  13. Kimberly -

    I love the outfit with the palazzo pants, although it seems a smidgen too dressy for being on a flight....

    The brown dress is attractive, simply because it focuses attention on you and not what you are wearing....

    As for the others.... my opinions are mixed. But I wish I could have met you in person in Albany - it would have been a 2 hour drive for me. (Sadly, I'd have to be in drab - as my current GF has asked me to regrow a beard for a while.)