Saturday, January 19, 2008

Death by karaoke. . .

OK, so the second night in Pennsylvania I stayed in Philadelphia and tried out a club called “Sisters” that someone on one of the yahoo groups I am in recommended. As an added bonus, they were doing karaoke that night!

Got the job done, got dressed, and headed into Philadelphia. Despite all the time I spend in cities, I still HATE the parking headaches and so I was immensely relieved to find a parking garage literally a few yards from the club.

When I got into the club I found an empty table and swiped it. This turned out to be fortunate as the place filled up shortly after I got there and then it was standing room only. The bad news is, karaoke didn’t start until late, everyone had their own little groups going, and so I sat there bored outta my mind and thinking that I should just head back to the hotel. About the time that I was seriously considering this, I noticed a young man that was sort of hovering around my table. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him start to walk toward me, think better of it and sort of turn around, just to turn back and start walking toward me again. I was just trying to decide if I needed to be concerned when he saw me looking at him and started talking.
“I’m starting to feel a little out of place here!”, he said.
“Me too”, I said, “but how come YOU are feeling that way?”
“Because I’m the only transman here”, he replied.
“Way cool! I’ve never actually met a transman before, feel free to have a seat!”

I took a real good look at him and have to tell you I would have never guessed he was TG.
Well, turns out his name is Cody, and he was there with a couple of friends and so can’t leave them to sit with me. He did however invite me to join them and so I did. We talked a bit and both sang a bit. Turns out Cody used to work there at Sisters when “he” was a “she” and I’m sure that must have come with it’s own set of head trips. He was very pleasant to hang out with and was the perfect gentleman.

Thanks Cody, thanks for letting me hang with you and your friends so that I wasn’t lonely and bored.

The bad news is that I received further evidence that I’m getting old. When I read through their karaoke book, I found maybe two songs I recognized. Apparently the music I know and love is too darn old for todays crowd. I think I sang “Time in a Bottle” and did it reasonably well. I can’t recall what the other one was, but I clearly recall that the key was way higher than I was used to or capable of singing, and so I made a complete ass outta myself and sounded terrible!
I think they call that “Death by karaoke”.

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