Monday, September 29, 2008


So I am in the Boston area again. For a variety of reasons, I could not fly dressed this time and so made the trip “drab”. (My wife hates it when I use the term “drab”)
I have done so much of my flying dressed these days that I had forgotten how much easier it was to go drab. No make-up, jewelry, heels, nerves – it was easy!
I tried to eat lunch in the Austin airport while I was waiting for my flight. I say I tried because as I’m sitting there stuffing this Schlotsky’s sandwich in my mouth, I start to notice all of the young ladies walking down the airport. You know, the young ladies with the perfect figures, and the tiny waists? So there I sit with this sandwich in my face when this drop dead gorgeous woman walks by me. I looked at her waist, then I looked at mine (or lack thereof) , then I looked at hers, then I threw over half my sandwich in the trash can and spent the next hour feeling guilty about the half I’d already eaten.
Got to Boston where it was raining, but I’m drab, so who cares if I get wet. Got my luggage and rental car, and headed north to my hotel. On the way, I called Sally to let her know I was on the way, because she and her daughter were going to join me for dinner!
I tried a few new things and was not terribly pleased with them. I had bought this red top months ago but never worn it. I don’t think it is terribly flattering. It hugs my “hips” a bit tight, sort of highlighting my hip pads. I also tried slightly different make-up. I wanted to try different shades to practice for my upcoming formal at SCC and so I tried a VERY dark blue eye shadow and a red lipstick. Much like the top, I don’t think this was very flattering and so will probably just stick with my usual when it comes to SCC.


Sally and her daughter met me at the hotel and then we went to dinner. Sally’s daughter is one of the nicest young ladies I have met. She works with children, providing day care and also working as a substitute teacher. I just can’t imagine the kind of patience that this would take. I adore my 5 year old daughter with all my heart, but just trying to keep up with that one little critter can exhaust me, just imagine trying to keep up with a class full of ‘em! I think it must be neat to have a job where you are making a difference in the world though. We had a very pleasant dinner and chatted a lot about this and that. Having a daughter who I will someday have to talk to about these things, I tried to pick their brains about how they approached and dealt with the TG issues together. They seem to be perfectly comfortable with it, and I can only hope that things go so well with my daughter someday.

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