Friday, October 3, 2008

Cute Hair In Boston

My last evening in the Boston area, I hooked up with my friend Kristen at the Randolph Country Club where they were having an open mic /Karaoke night. On the way to the club I got a call from my 5 year old daughter who was on her way to bed. We had the usual bedtime phone conversation. When we were done and she was handing the phone back to her mommy, I heard this really loud noise on the phone, then my wife.
“Did you hear her kiss?” she asks me.
“Oh is that what that noise was? Well tell her I got her kiss and kissed her back!” I asked my wife. Then I hear my daughter in the background, with a heavy Texas accent
“Did I git ‘im Momma?” All right all right, maybe it’s only adorable to me but I thought it was great.

When I first got to the club, I went to the bar where they have the Karaoke books sitting, ordered a drink, and started browsing the list of songs. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a lady with short blond hair waving, almost frantically. Since I didn’t know her, I figured she must be waving at someone behind me so I turned to see who she was interested in – there was no one there! I turned back to her and she was smiling from ear to ear and still waving at me. I pointed at my chest and did the classic “Who, me?” look. She nodded, pointed both of her hands at her hair, then at mine, making it clear she thought it was cute that our hair looked a bit alike. About now the noise in the bar subsided so that we could hear each other.
“Cute hair!” she said.
“Well thanks,” I said, “So is yours!”
“Yeah, but yours has that cute flip to it!” she replied.
“Yeah well yours is real!” I told her. “The flip is easy, I just wash it, then brush and hang it upside down to dry. That would be a lot harder for you to do what with your hair being attached to your head and all!” There was around a dozen people at the bar and everyone busted out laughing. Score one for the cross dresser that doesn’t take herself TOO seriously.

Shortly after that, Kristen arrived and we chatted a bit. I got up and sang, but the guy couldn’t get any reverb out of his system, and I sounded terrible. Kristen was kind enough to take a few pics for me but I had to chuck most of ‘em. Important note to self – only allow pics from the front ‘cause the pictures that showed my profile were way unflattering. They have since been shredded and burned.

My wife works for the same company I do, so when I’m in town we eat lunch together. Today we went to the mall for lunch to look for some accessories for the formal dress I plan to wear at the Southern Comfort Conference this Saturday. As we are driving there, my wife tells me that she needs to go to the sporting goods store to get some supplies for an upcoming fishing trip she has planned with her sister in a couple of weeks. Suddenly, she just busts out laughing.
“What’s so funny?” I ask her when I recovered from being so startled.
“We are so bass ackwards,” she says, still laughing.
“OK, I don’t get it,” I said.
“Well let’s see,” she says, “we are going to the mall to buy you jewelry to go with your gown for the upcoming ball, then we have to go to the sporting goods store to buy me fishing supplies! This doesn’t strike you as funny?”

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