Sunday, October 19, 2008

Making still more progress on my 1967 Mustang

Got the engine and transmission installed.

67 Mustang Runs for first time in 2 years

It took most of the day to get her started due to a faulty coil. It WAS putting out fire, but apparently not quite enough. You know the funny part? I had over 8 gear heads, two of them professional mechanics, all working around my car and guess who figured out it was the coil? Yup, me, the dumb one. We tried to get her started for about 6 hours. Finally everyone went to get lunch and my wife, a friend, and I started talking it through.
We knew the coil wasn't dead because we were getting flames out the carb, but I thought maybe it just wasn't up to snuff. My wife went and got the new coil and I got it installed just as everyone returned from lunch. It started almost immediately and I got to be the hero. :-)

Maybe it's the fact that I myself am getting older, perhaps past my prime, but I feel an immense satisfaction in trying to restore this 40 year old lady. She might be 40, but she has far more class and style than any pip squeak modern car. I want her running down the road and strutting her stuff with pride and maybe even arrogance. With that thought in mind, I had to wipe a tear out of my eye when this 40 year old ladies engine started for the first time in two years.

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