Saturday, September 27, 2008

Second Day in Chicago

Well, not much of interest to write about for my next day in Chicago. Nothing terribly exciting, good, or bad occurred. I repaired the machine I was here to fix by about 2PM and then decided to go shopping and maybe hit up a Casino that was supposed to be close.
Today I wore a new outfit. It's a lot like some others I have, but hey, I like the style and think it looks good on me. I actually would have never put this top and skirt together if my wife hadn't suggested it. I tend to think colors have to be alike to work as an outfit, but she thinks "outside the box". When she recommended I put these two together I looked at her like she was crazy.
"Are you SURE?" I asked her.
"Yep! The white strips in the skirt will pick up the pink from the top - it will look great," she assured me. I kept looking at her like she was nuts.
"I don't think so," I told her, and kept looking through my closet for something to wear.
"I'm telling you, it will look great," she insisted. Then she looked at me and sort of paused for a second. After so many years of marriage, I've come to recognize this as the "maybe I shouldn't say this to him" look.
"What?", I said, still looking through my closet. "Out with it!"
"Well," she said, "Your really kind of mono chromatic, aren't you?" She said this with the sort of tone you would use when explaining to a dim wit that "maybe you aren't quite as smart as the other kids". Hard to argue though, as she is 100% correct!

I went shopping at the Oak Brook mall and it was freaking HUGE! Unlike most malls, it was not 100% in doors either, you have to walk outside to go from store to store. Fortunatly it was well designed, and even walking outside in 85 degrees, it was reasonably cool. You know, I have to hand it to the ladies there, I was not the best dressed woman there by a long shot. I'd say at least half of the women I saw there were in dresses and skirts. Did a little shopping there but ran out of steam fairly quickly and decided to head for a town called Aurora where there is a Casino called "Hollywood Casino". This turned out to be a fairly bad mistake as it was rush hour. I spent at least half an hour driving 2 MPH on a four lane freeway. Oh, add to that the fact that despite my having it configured to AVOID Toll Roads, my GPS took me onto one, and I had no change, and there were no manned booths . . .

Finally got to the Casino, lost my $40 in about half an hour, and so decided to take advantage of their buffet restaurant. Had a unremarkable dinner and headed back for the hotel. Thought about going to Hunters (A local TG favorite night club) but according to their web page they were having male strippers that night. Ummmm . . . no thanks . . .not in to guys . . .

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