Saturday, June 2, 2007

Welcome to the dark side . . .

(2 June 2007)

Well, the new skirt and top I bought in Houston this week has inspired me to try a few new looks. I mostly stick with darker or earth tone clothes, but in Houston, I found this REALLY cute skirt, that is bright and colorful and I adore it:

I guess that the idea here is that I am thinking that I should step a little outta my comfort zone and I might find things that I like a lot.

So I am bragging to my wife about my new outfit and I told her that I was thinking that maybe I should try to find a pretty pair of sandals to go with it.
She said "What do you mean? You have lots of sandals."
"Nah, I mean flats that you wear without nylons. You know, like most women wear these days."
"Oh, I see. OK" she says.
"OH and I think I want to buy some female pants too." I add.
"Yep, I guess my tastes are changing! The next thing you know I'm going to become a tom boy!" I said.
My wife looks at me, and does a little theatrical bow, and spreads her hands in the classical 'look at me' pose and says "Welcome to the dark side!"
I'm not sure if you have to be in our marriage to get the humor, but I thought it was hysterical and we laughed for some time. It's great to have someone to laugh with isn't it?

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