Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A boob in Delaware . . .

So - I'm on the road again and this time it's Delaware! Newark Delaware to be exact. I asked everyone on several Yahoo groups, and posted on a couple of boards that I belong to, if anyone knew of anything fun to do here. I got back maybe half a dozen responses, most boiling down to "the only good thing to do there is leave". Hmm . . . doesn't sound promising!
Well, based on that advice, I was going to drive to Washington DC to see the Smithsonian again, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought "been there done that" and so I looked for something else to do. What do you know, I'm not far from Philadelphia, and that is where the liberty bell is! I thought maybe I would go take a little look see!

Should I wear my favorite long pink skirt or my new shorter dark pink skirt?
Favorite long, or new short?
Favorite long, or new short? 
Favorite long or . . . . AAARRRGGGHHH !!
My brain got stuck in the loop! I love my long pink skirt but I'm gonna wear it out if I don't start to wear something else once in a while - shorter skirt it is!

Funny thing that - the shorter skirt I mean. I was nervous in it!
Me. Nervous in a short skirt, and its not really a "short" skirt, just shorter than I have been wearing the last year or two.

I was wearing something else that was new but I feel silly saying it - breast forms . SHHH!!
Keep it down - don't say that so loud! They felt HUGE! Normally I use a H2O bra, very small relatively speaking and now I had these things hanging off my front end and I felt WAY self conscious about them. They may have to go as anything that makes me less than confident is a bad thing, a death blow to passing.
I figure I'm probably being silly so I decide to give them a shot anyway and I'm headed out!

On the way out of the hotel I saw the book store - book stores and I are good friends. When you spend as much time on airplanes and in airports as I do, reading is a good hobby to have. Well I was almost done with the book I was reading on the way here (it's pretty good so I'm going through it fast) and I needed a new one. What the heck, shopping for a book while looking pretty is as much fun as anything else, so I headed in! Found a book, bought a book, left with the book. No one noticed me, laughed at me, called the cross dressing police, or towed my darn car so I figure that we're off to a good start!

Books in hand, I headed to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell.I get into the area where the Liberty Bell is and start circling looking for a parking area. This is obviously a tourist spot because the streets are FULL of people walking with cameras, riding horse drawn carts, etc. As I am searching for a parking spot my cell phone rings. While I had completed the job that I came here to do, it was only noon, it's a work day and I love my job, so I answered the phone. It's one of my co-workers looking for help on a instrument I know a little better than he does. I help him with his problem and then it strikes me - he lives in PA! Not in Philadelphia, but in the state, so I ask him if he has seen the Liberty Bell and where was the best place to park? He told me that yes, he's seen it, but that I wont be able to because as a method of crowd control you have to get tickets in advance! They're free, but you still have to get them - I just drove an hour for nothing! I was just thinking this when he says "Guess what? Your not far from me right now"
My heart jumped solidly into my throat at this comment. What was I gonna say if he said "come on over" or "I'll come meet you"??!! This is one of my favorite people and I'm not looking forward to coming up with an excuse to snub him, but I'm "dressed", didn't bring boy clothes, and am an hour from my hotel. Fortunately fate took pity on me - he had to let me go because a customer was calling him! I figure this is my chance to escape the city and State before he suggests a get together, so I head south for Delaware.

When I get back to the hotel, I look for, and come up with, plan C. If you lost track, here is a recap:
Plan A - had been the Smithsonian - I had decided not to.
Plan B - had been the Liberty Bell - I had been told I couldn't get in IF I found a place to park
Guess what? When they set me up with a hotel, it was right across from . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . . The largest mall in the State!
Plan C - Go to the mall and resume search for pretty pink sandals!
Now I have to comment again on . . ahem <blush> . . . breasts . I am not used to these things that appear to be preceding me by a zip code and I feel very uncomfortable, very self conscious. I get the same feeling I get on the few times I've danced - I'm just sure everyone in the mall is staring at me - at them! I paid attention and not one person did a double take or turned around to get a second look, but still I'm just sure every one is staring at them and giggling.
I find a pair of sandals that I like, they aren't perfect, but they're good AND they are $80 sandals on sale for $40! I pick up the display shoe and turn to ask the SA for my size, but he beats me to the punch
"9 or 9 and a half?" he asked.
"Close, so close!" I said, "but it's a 10" (Damn it - I wish I had small feet!)
He brings out the shoes in size 10 and as he hands them to me I can see it click in his eyes that he has made me. Damn! What is it? Do I have a sign on my forehead? I THINK its my voice that gives me away, but I'm not sure. Tried them on and he was right - the 10 WAS a little too big. This guy is GOOD! I ask for he 9.5s, try them on, like them, and buy them! They have one of those little card machines where you swipe your own card so I used my debit card. Apparently your name comes up on his monitor, or on the receipt, because as he is bagging them and handing them to me, he says "have a nice day Mr Huddle". Grrrrrrr!!!!

Go back to the hotel where I put on my favorite skirt. You know - the one I wanted these sandals for? Like what I see and headed to see a movie feeling confident in my pretty long skirt.

Went to see Fantastic 4 and as I paid for my popcorn using cash, the kid behind the counter says "Anything else . . sir".
Just a small pause before the "sir".
Not sure if he did it for emphasis or because he truly was not sure what he was supposed to say. Either way, I wanted to jump the counter and choke him!
The movie was fair - not as good as the first two, but fair.
Two sirs in one day - my confidence is not high, so I head to the hotel where I try to decide if I have the guts to go out to dinner or not. One look in the mirror and I decide "not". 11 hours after I did my makeup, my makeup is tired, and my super "a year of laser treatments couldn't kill the damn thing" beard is starting to peak through. Took a shower and realized I hadn't eaten anything but half a bag of popcorn in a day and a half. Should have got a salad but did I? NOOOO, I had to go to KFC and get me some greasy, ultra fattening, "you will never be a size 10" fried Chicken.
Still thinking about going back to smack the kid that called me "sir". Hmmm . . Sir this damn it! <taking a swig of coke and licking chicken grease off my fingers>

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  1. Wow ! what a story girl.The sir thing is pretty frustrating when you do your best to look your best.How ironic that you were so close to one your co-workers who does not know you as Kimberly.I enjoy your posts and your blog. Julie