Thursday, June 21, 2007

Doing the Dirty Work

(21 June 2007)

My truck is like 4 thousand miles PAST due for an oil change, so I get home from work, throw on some old sweats and a tank top and head out to get dirty! It's NOT one of my favorite things, but hey, there are things that you just have to do in life, like them or not. So I'm headed out to the garage door in all my red neck finery when my spouse looks at me and giggles. As soon as she realizes that I noticed her giggle she puts her hand over her mouth like she's gonna hide or stop the giggle I already heard. I give her my best "Spock" raised eyebrow and ask "What?"
"You don't want to know"
This of course makes it irresistible - now I HAVE to find out what she thought was sooo funny.
"Yes I do, out with it! What are you laughing about?"
"Sure you want to know?" She does this to me once in a while. I think it's a game she enjoys. It's like her "tell 'em just enough to scare 'em to death and then say no more" game. (see blog regarding bees).
"GRRRRRRR" Yes, I DID actually growl at her. "What's so damn funny?!"
"Well" she says "You're the only guy that I know that can make a wife beater shirt look girly"

Note: For those of you that are not rednecks, a "Wife Beater" shirt is a tank top - a shirt with no sleeves.

Well, at first I was offended.
Then I smiled deciding it was a compliment!
Then I wasn't sure.
Then I got it filthy changing the oil in my PICKUP TRUCK!
So there! Ain't nothing girly about a guy in a wife beater shirt covered in oil under a pickup truck.
Stupid wife. . . what does she know any way? ;-)

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