Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nothing of Importance

(16 June 2007)

No, there is no picture on this blog entry. What am I gonna do, put up a pic of me looking puzzled or clueless? Hold on, this might make sense in a moment. . .
So I've spent some time the last couple of days following links from the "friends" on my 360 page, to their friends, and on to their friends, and . . . you get the point! It comes as no surprise that there is a huge variety of people out there. More specifically, since that is what my page sort of centers on, there is a huge variety of TG people out there. There are people who's only interest is in the clothes, people who are only into the fetish aspect, and then there are people to whom these things mean nothing. And every once in while you stumble across people that make stop and say "WOW! She's neat!"

You read their blogs, and these people have it all together - they are doing something with their lives, and with their blogs. They speak intelligently of significant things.
Things like what does it mean to be TG and how can we represent our community well to others.
Things like abused and battered women.
Things like how does being raped affect a woman.
Important and significant things that they have taken the time to study, and then present to us in a coherent fashion.

I then returned to my page and it suddenly seems so inadequate. The only things of any significance I have offered are my history and some of my family history. This might be of use or value to someone someday. There might be some small value to my blog for people with a "What makes a crossdresser tick?" or "what kind of person is a cross dresser" question. I doubt it, but maybe.
Things of significance or importance - not here.
Well spoken dialog to get you to think - not here
Anything that makes you go "wow" with wonder - NOT HERE.
Nope, all you find in my blog are photographs and my flapping my gums about clothes and malls.

Today I followed links at random from the "friends" on my 360 page. I couldn't possibly tell you how to get there again, and would hesitate to do so in any case as I don't want to traumatize anyone else the way the photo affected me. Anyway, I found a page with a photograph of a woman that had been beaten so badly that it honestly took me a few moments of looking to realize it was a face I was looking at. This page tried to describe what being raped does to a woman and what WE can all do to help those we know who have gone through it.

My page? My new pink skirt and search for matching sandals. I think I feel sick to my stomach . . .

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