Sunday, July 10, 2016

I aint giving it back!

My customers have found out that I am now back to business as normal and my services seem to be in high demand all of the sudden. I am running my butt off, and that is not necessarily a bad thing as I have plenty of extra butt to loose these days. Sitting on my backside at the same customer for nine months has not done my weight or physical condition any favors. Anyway, this last week, I made the 7 hour drive from Austin to Broken Arrow OK where a good customer of mine had five instruments put aside for me to work on. I hope it is a sign of an improved economy, but apparently they have been extremely busy, and they are working their equipment to the failure point. 

I had to spend a good hour going through my closet looking for something that fit and looked at least modestly flattering. Nine months of sitting on my ass in a cubicle has gifted me with over 15 extra pounds. I’ve got rid of 5 of them by now but still have 10 more to go. Damn it.  I’ve also recently gone back for a touch up on my laser hair removal and now clearly recall why I stopped going - DAMN that shit HURTS!

Shortly after you cross the Texas/Oklahoma border on Highway 75, you encounter the Choctaw Casino.  You drive for miles and miles, and there is nothing, followed by more nothing, and then out of the blue is this freaking HUGE Casino in the middle of nowhere. This is about mid-way on my drive, and so I will often take a break here and go make a modest donation to the Choctaw Nation.  I put $10 into the slot machine, and on my second roll I won $50! Now I aint always the sharpest tool in the shed, but I wasn’t about to give them a chance to take that money back, so I cashed out right then and there, and headed north!

I’m off to Detroit this week, and then back for another week in Indiana to check in on our new guy and make sure all is well. See ya’!


  1. Kim-

    I presume that picture of you was at the casino.... You still got what it takes!!!!


    1. Looks more like a rest area. I say that because I think the casino would have better lawns and tables😉

    2. Looks more like a rest area. I say that because I think the casino would have better lawns and tables😉

    3. Yup yup - it was the rest area just as you cross the Texas/OK border.

  2. Yay! She's back!!! <3

  3. Lovely pic! Looking good in that dress and those heels! :)

    And 40 dollars richer.. yay! :D

  4. Lovely, as usual. Kim you are way too young to be put out to pasture, or assigned desk duty! Hope it is good for you. Deetroit needs you too. Tora

  5. i don't see where you put that weight you mentioned must be in your big toe because you look as classy as ever!

    here in the north east many small business people have noticed that it has been extremely slow. can't blame it all on the internet since my neighbor a 40 yr car mechanic went 3 days in febuary with no work coming in. and you can't buy a car repair on amazon or anywhere else on line. i deal with schools and they have put off getting stuff fixed til fall. my neighbor has a mail order violin bow rehairing business. it usually has 150 bows come from all ofer the country per week to be rehaired. usually it gets realllly busy in april this year nothing till last week. as you have seen with your customer they are putting off the repairs letting them pile up. even my dentist told me he has been slow during this election year. to many candadates to much uncertianty back in january now we are not happy with the ones left in the running.

    as far as you laser as i said before a locally retired Electrolysis expert said he found that laser didn't last as long as Electrolysis. if you are going to deal with the pain then switch to Electrolysis.

    it is good to see your blog entry once again.
    i have found i tend to post quickly in face book instead of my blog and when i am out and about as diana i don't have the time or energy to do a blog or facebook entry.
    ether way i always enjoy reading your stories on both face book and here on the blog.