Thursday, June 9, 2016

The World Has Gone Mad

I suppose I could just about stop there. Enough said. Got my point across! Thank you very much – have a nice day!

Trumps own advisors admit that he never expected to actually make it this far. More or less, he ran for office as a publicity stunt and now finds himself quite possibly headed for the White House.

Hillary Clinton I have mixed feelings about. People died under her watch that some people feel she had the ability to save. I’m not so sure about that myself, but what the hell do I know? As far as the “email scandal”? I quite honestly couldn’t care less. It barely rises above the cosmic noise level for me. Something of little to no significance that her opponents are desperately trying to build into something momentous. 

Bernie Sanders? Say what you will, but I think most people that are honest with themselves will admit that he is the one person running that actually cares about the average person like you or I. They can call him all of the names that they like, but he actually cares. You gotta respect that, no matter what you think of his ideology. It wont do him any good though, because he has been almost totally frozen out of the process. Honestly, when it comes to political office, being a nice guy is probably not an asset.

And with all of the worlds serious problems to consider, the American public is fixated on where the Transgender folks are peeing. In all of recorded history, there is not a single documented case of a TG assaulting someone in a bathroom, but suddenly the threat of having a transsexual peeing in the stall next to you is the most significant threat to our society and the welfare of our children. While the TGs are standing around with their legs crossed and their eyeballs floating because they are too scared to go to the bathroom, we have terrorists setting off bombs in Target bathrooms– a large corporation that came out in support of the transgender. Yes, I called them “Terrorists”. What do you call it when a Muslim blows up something because it doesn’t conform to his beliefs and it offends him? The American people would shout “Terrorism” at the top of their lungs so I figure the shoe fits.

So the other night I was talking to one of the most beautiful women that I have ever met. Not only is she exceptionally pretty, but she is also damned intelligent, and a caring person. Like I said – beautiful. Much to my surprise, she shared with me that she had felt ugly and awkward growing up and it just kind of floored me. Apparently these feelings are not reserved for the TG and this lovely bit of depression is not our sole domain. If even beautiful women feel ugly and awkward, I suppose that people like me can be forgiven for our own feelings of inadequacy.

I took a break from this long term project that I am working at and drove to the tippy top of Ohio to take care of another customer. Ashtabula Ohio to be exact. A real hot spot of social activity there boy, let me tell ya’!  You should have seen the look on the faces of the clerks behind the counter when I arrived at the Holiday Inn there. There were four young men talking behind the counter, and I’d swear you could have heard a pin drop when I walked in. Instantly, three of them vanished and the one remaining young man was left to deal with me. I guess that he drew the short straw. He got over his surprise and acted like a professional though, so it’s all good.

On the drive back down to Indiana I decided to wear something nice and subtle. OK, maybe not so subtle. Is orange subtle? Prolly not. I still can’t decide if it was a flattering or not? I wouldn’t have chosen the dark hose, but I have a huge, ugly, bruise on my left leg that needed to be hidden. It is what it is.

Oh, and on the 7 hour drive there, and again on the 7 hour drive back? No, I didn’t stop to pee. Just sayin . . .


  1. Kimberly:

    As long as people don't go beyond deer in the headlights except to be nice and do their jobs, I can live with that.

    For your leg(s), I, too, have a few bad scars. Doesn't stop me. You need to get to a cosmetics store and get yourself some Dermablend that matches your skin tone. Problem solved. They make the stuff waterproof, so you need not worry about sweat or spray from a hose. HIGHLY recommend it.

    Best regards,

  2. IMHO: Orange dress = flattering. You look fabulous in it.

    I have a scar on my arm that I need to cover. Will stop at a cosmetics store to have them help me find the right dermablend...


  3. Your thoughts are parallel to mine .... by the way the orange dress is a very nice pick, dark hose too ......Debra

  4. ' Not only is she exceptionally pretty, but she is also damned intelligent, and a caring person. Like I said – beautiful'.
    Talking to the mirror again?
    very pretty orange skirt

  5. Kimberly, I agree completely with chris1! You must have been looking in the mirror. I am dying to meet you one day if our business trips ever cross paths!

  6. The orange outfit looks lovely, but I understand your reservations, since we spend so much time trying to fade into the background, r being limited to boring clothes I too can be nervous of anything too flamboyant (It's just a question of trying to understand where the "too" lies"

    I feel for all my brothers and sister living in the States at the moment, while we are going through our own political turmoil over here in the UK at the moment, at least our own community is not being singled out for special fear/hate and it is not endangering our own person safety.

    1. Always good to read your posts. Tough to live out of a suitcase and be away from home. Your "look", presentation and style have served you well. You are truly lovely and ladylike! Tora, Detroit

    2. Kimberly,
      I had forgotten about your blog as you haven't posted lately on I agree with you on Bernie Sanders. Nice guys don't get elected. I see you made it to my state. The Cleveland area is more conservative area. Columbus is a more liberal area. If you ever make it to Columbus,you will find people more accepting. One other thing,you do look good in orange.