Saturday, March 15, 2008

You gotta believe

WARNING - Proud parent moment ahead.
So my four year old daughter is "helping" my wife plant seeds in the garden when I hear her raise her voice to her mother. I can't tell what's being said so I walked up to see what all the fuss was about.
"Poppa," my daughter says as she walks up to me, "Momma wont give me any musical bean seeds!"
"What baby?" I asked, convinced I hadn't heard her right.
"She wont give me any musical bean seeds!" she says again, obviously upset.
"What do you mean 'Musical bean seeds' sweetheart?", I asked, thinking maybe I just don't understand. If you have had a little one, you know sometimes they don't quite know how to get something across to the stupid adults, so they sort of grasp at straws.
"You know," she says, "You plant them and when they grow into flowers they sing!"
"Awe little one, you are so adorable!" I tell her, trying to decide if I need to tell her the truth or let her have her fantasy. Since she is upset, mad, and yelling at her mother for not giving her these seeds, I don't think I have a choice. I kneel down to be eye to eye to her, and feeling like an ogre I start to talk.
"Little one, I'm so sorry, but that is make believe. It's pretend, not real. There is no such thing as musical beans." I feel awful. I feel like the Grinch that has just told a cute little critter there is no Santa.
Still on my knee and at eye level with her, my daughter surprises me by looking at me with pity in her eyes. You know, the look you give someone that just aint quite right? She reaches out with both of her little hands, places one on each side of my face to be sure I'm looking at her.
"You just have to believe Daddy." With that, she drops her hands, turns around, and walks back to the garden, leaving the poor dim witted Daddy dumb founded on his knees.
So, umm, does anyone have any musical beans I can purchase?

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