Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Sisters of Worcester and Boston

As my last blog told y'all, my flights to the Boston area got all fouled up, but they did manage to get me there only an hour or so later than originally planned. Got to Wilmington where my hotel was at about 7PM and ran like hell to get ready in time to make the hour drive to the meeting of the Sisters of Worcester. By the way, I was politely informed that it's pronounced "Wurster" :-)

On this trip, I carried only one of my favorite outfits, and lots of others that I have not been wearing.
Sort of trying to force myself to wear new things instead of wearing out my favorites. The new thing I decided to try this time was a miniskirt!
This is the first time I've ever worn one. Thinking it looked cute as hell, I bought this one at least 7 years ago but have just never worn it for a few reasons. Some of it is modesty, some of it is worry about further promoting the "All Tgirls wear is slutty outfits" sort of mentality, and of course the concern that maybe I am too old at 42 for that sort of thing. Anyway, I said to hell with it and gave it a whirl. You know what . . . I loved it! :-) Any of you that have gone out with me probably know, you would almost think I'm going through menopause the way I tend to over heat and get uncomfortably warm when I go out. By the time I cake on enough makeup to hide the beard, then the wig to hide the bald head, I tend to get very warm. Well, wearing the mini sort of solved THAT little problem!
From hitting the hotel with bags packed to heading back out as Kim it was about an hour and a half - a new record for me!

I had a ball at the Sisters of Worcester meeting, they are a great bunch of ladies.
 I already knew the two on the right here, Caroline and Rita, and consider them friends. They both have great attitudes, are fun to hang with, and are just good people.

So the club they meet at had live music, so you know I loved the heck outta that! It was sort of a combination of karaoke, open mike, and her playing guitar and singing.

 This lady sings like you wouldn't believe, with a sweet and clear voice I'd kill for! Add to that the fact that she is from Ireland, and you have winning combination.

Now you know damn good and well there was no way in hell I wasn't gonna ask her if I could borrow her guitar and play a few! :-)

 Listened to a lot of music, assaulted everyone with my own playing and singing, and then called it a night. Apparently miniskirts impress people - on the way out to the parking lot a gentlemen followed me out and politely asked if I wanted company. I'm married and a good girl that doesn't cheat, but it was kind of nice knowing someone thought I was attractive enough to be interested in

So Friday nights the Sisters of Boston meet at the very hotel I was staying in. That is of course why I chose it! Sally got ready in my room and so we had lots of time to chat. When she got there I had 4 outfits laid out on the bed, desperately trying to decide what to wear. Sally thought about it with me for a while and told me I probably ought to go with the mini again. Since I really sort of wanted to do that anyway, I went with her recommendation - at least for the start of the evening.

Sally was also trying to decide what to wear. When she held this dress up by itself, I really didn't think it looked so good, but when she put it on I was stunned - doesn't she look awesome?

After the meeting, most of us headed out for a place called "Toast". At least on this night, it is a dance club primarily for lesbians. This place was PACKED, you couldn't walk in it, and it took about half an hour of fighting the crowd to get a drink. While I enjoyed the company, I would have to be honest that I didn't really enjoy the club much. Too many people in far too small a place, and music I didn't care a lot for. Oh well, can't win 'em all!

So here are assorted pictures from the evening:

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