Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oklahoma City Rocks!

OK, so as most of you reading this will know, I get around. Every week I’m in a different city and
sometimes even in a different country. Well, this week I’ve been in Oklahoma City. We all try not to do the stereo type thing, but I think most of us would admit to a bit of trepidation at the thought of doing drag here. Let’s face it, it’s dead center in the bible belt and best know for the cowboy types that don’t cotton to girly boys. Well, imagine my pleasant surprise when I find the people here all treated me like gold. I kid you not, the sales associates here treated me far better than any place else I’ve been. The ladies all asked if they could help, and even after you see “THE GRIN” show up indicating they just realized what they are dealing with, they not only continued to treat me well, but actually bent over backwards to be friendly. It was freaking awesome!

I had intended to wear my pants for the first time out and about. Tried them on but I just couldn’t convince myself to do it. I can wear pants any day, this is my only chance to wear skirts. So I took some pics, then dragged out a pretty skirt!

So the highlights – hmmm, where to start?! The first day I’m coming down the elevator and make the stupid mistake we all have – when the elevator stopped I assumed it was on the first floor and so I got off as a lady got on. It only took me a second to figure out I’d blown it and I turned back. The lady held the door for me and laughed.
“Wrong floor?” she asked.
“Yeah, I feel a bit silly. You would think I’d have elevators figured out by now!” She laughed again.
“Naw,” she said, “we all do that so your pretty normal.”
“I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to label me 'normal' just yet!” I told her. She thought this was hilarious and we laughed while the elevator continued.

I went shopping and was treated like gold. I mean it, these folks were just so nice and the SA’s all went out of their way to chat with me. One lady in Dillards asked me if she could help, and wondered if I was looking for anything in particular. I laughed and told her “Yep, anything that will make me look awesome and that I can afford.”
We didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without but she sure tried to help.

Went to dinner at the Habana Inn. This is a gay resort/hotel. I didn’t stay there so have no idea what the rooms are like, but the restaurant was awesome. I was told they just hired a new cook and he’s apparently pretty good ‘cause the food was great and the service was too. I definitely recommend their restaurant.

Got back to the Holiday Inn I was staying at, and since I felt confident,  I hit up the lounge. The bartender was a very pretty young lady and we chatted quite a lot. Turns out she lived in Santa Fe New Mexico for a long time and had known several cross dressers. She was so cool and it was really neat to talk to her. Several guests in the lounge came up and talked to me, all being very friendly. One guy was a lot of fun, smiles and just a happy attitude, but he started to concern me when he started asking about the job I was here to do. Told him I was working at the university and then he started asking where at the university. I could picture the whole story – against all odds this would turn out to be someone involved with the instrument I was here to install and I would be outing myself. I just played stupid – “I have no idea what department it is. I’ve got a name and a number and I’ll be calling him tomorrow.”

The next day was very similar. I got off work, got cleaned up and headed out to a mall I had discovered on the way to my customer. I decided to wear one of the new short skirts I bought in Indianapolis. So there I am, walking along, minding my own business, when this drop dead gorgeous girl in her mid 20’s walks rapidly toward me.
“What are you doing?” she says with a great big smile on her face.
Being nervous about the situation, my mind translated this to something along the lines of “What the hell are you doing?” so I was kind of nervous when I asked “I’m sorry? What do you mean?” Her smile got even bigger.
“What are you doing hon? I’m your bartender from last night!”
Holy smokes! This girl cleans up well ‘cause she looked nothing like she did the night before. She was just stunning, I mean drop dead gorgeous! She gushed all over me telling me I looked great, and that my outfit was awesome. Of course this makes her my new best friend! I asked her if she thought the skirt was maybe a touch too short, but she assured me it was perfect. Then she introduced me to her boyfriend!

The lady at the MAC counter saw me looking and stopped me as I walked by. I told her I’d heard lots of good things about them, and wondered if she had a foundation that might be able to hide a beard shadow. She gave me a couple of samples to try, but neither works for me. Looks like I will stick with the cheap Max Factor stick I use.

Went to dinner at the Habana again and was delighted with it. The waiter assured me that it was fine if I wanted to just hang out. I told him I was just gonna go back to the hotel . . “unless of course you know anyplace doing karaoke?”
“As a matter of fact I do!” he said, “its called the Boom”. So, I head to “Boom” and had a good time. The singers here were not of the caliber I’ve heard in other places, but they were nice, friendly, and it was fun.

My third day I headed out to a HUGE mall in OKC my customer had told me about. This time I
convinced myself to go ahead and try the pants thing and my cute pair of brown pumps. Well, the pants worked out all right but the pumps were a bit of a problem. Every step I took, my heels came out of the shoes. This is a pretty big pain and makes it very hard to walk, so I did the only sensible thing I could – I went shoe shopping! I found these killer shoes at Macy’s on sale.The SA there was really nice, treated me great, and it was just terrific. Now the “bad” news – these are at least 4 inch heels! They are SO cute, but hardly mall walking shoes! Well, what the heck, you have to have your priorities – cute or comfortable . . . I went with cute . . .
So now here I sit again in the hotel lounge writing this blog. With my new shoes on. Damn, my toes HURT, but they sure do look cute! :-)

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