Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I’ve been bad lately – eating more and exorcising less than I should be, and my weight is climbing. As I crossed the 158 pound mark heading for 160, I’ve panicked and started to jog at lunch. For you to understand how desperate I must be to resort to this, you have to grasp the fact that Austin Texas is now at almost 100 degrees F (38C). When you work indoors with air conditioning and then head out into those temperatures to jog, you have to want it bad!

So anyway, I head out jogging to be almost immediately over heated, so I pulled my shirt off. As soon as my shirt came off I had this over whelming feeling that I had just done something horribly unacceptable. You know, that same feeling you get when you dream you have gone to work or school with out pants on? I held my shirt and arms up over my chest for three or four seconds before my brain finally over rode my instinctive reactions and reminded me:
“You are an idiot! You are NOT a woman, you only pretend to be, and it’s perfectly acceptable for a man to exercise with out a shirt!”
Freaky! Once again I have to wonder if I’m finally loosing it . . .

Alpha NJ??
I just got notice that I have to fly to Alpha NJ tomorrow - anyone know anything about the place or anything interesting to do there?

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