Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I flew to Detroit. :-)

Well, like I told y’all before, soon I’m gonna have a new hire traveling with me for OJT so I know that my chances to Cross dress are about to dry up for months. With that thought in mind, I decided to go ahead and fly to Detroit in something pretty. This despite the fact that I am sick as a dog with a bad cold. It really wasn’t a good idea as there is just no way I can cough in a “dainty” fashion during the three hours I was stuck on the plane and the two hours stuck in the Airport.

This time I had none of the nerves I had on the last two trips. On those trips I was a wreck – this one I was perfectly comfortable. I flew with Northwest, so put that little post-it on your wall – Delta and Northwest will allow you to fly fem from Austin with no hassle.The only negative reaction I received all day was with the first guy to check my ID in Austin going through security. He looked at my ID for a long time, so I smiled and told him “Yeah, not exactly a perfect match.” I was hoping to get a smile – instead all I got was a “you're scum” look as he looked down his nose handing it back to me while waving me through.

Once again they outted me to every one in the gate area with one of those lovely pages:
“Matt Huddle, please report to the agent at gate three, Matt Huddle please report to gate 3”.
What can you do? I walked up to the counter and she informed me the computer said I didn’t have a seat assignment so I showed her my boarding pass. She just said thank you and that was it.
Then it came time to board the plane and they boarded first class first. Well, I’m not “elite” with Northwest so I didn’t qualify for an upgrade. I AM Gold with their partner Delta, but they do not offer each others frequent flyers upgrades. After boarding first class, she called for skyteam elite to board (this is the elite from their partners like Delta) and I was the only one. She looked at me and frowned, clearly thinking to herself for a moment.
“Why don’t we upgrade you to first class?” she says without even the hint of a smile. I got the distinct impression she wasn’t trying to be nice, but was instead moving me to the only seats on the plane where no one would have to sit next to me. Sort of like the Warden throwing you in solitary to protect you from the other inmates. Doesn’t matter to me, I just grinned, took the upgrade, and boarded! Unlike the first time that I flew “dressed”, this flight attendant was not terribly friendly. She wasn’t mean, or rude, or anything like that, but she made no effort to chat.Everyone else I interacted with was great and treated me very well. Got several “Ma’ams” and had the door opened for me once.

I got to Detroit and decided to go see a movie – “The Happening”. Save your money, it was boring and uninteresting. By the time the movie let out, my day and my cold was catching up to me so I called it a night. Here I sit writing this account in my hotel room while stuffing my face with Rabbit food (salad).
I HATE the thought of working with my customer tomorrow because I feel horrible. Can’t take a sick day with the company having paid to fly me out here to do a job though.  <Sniff, Sniff . . . .cough>

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