Friday, June 6, 2008

Alpha NJ, Allentown PA, Missy Anne and her GG

My latest trip was to Alpha NJ where my company threw me to the wolves. They needed someone to try and rework a piece of test equipment in a unique fashion. So with no training or experience, yours truly headed out to do the job.

The first day I got there, I had most of the afternoon to myself, so I called Missy Anne and Missy Anne’s GG who live a couple of hours away. These are two of the nicest folks you will ever meet. Like myself, they have been married for a long time, are happy, and seem to be very comfortable with themselves and where they are at in their lives. If you ever get the chance to meet them I say go for it!

We met about mid way for dinner at The Inn at Moselem . This was a really nice place and no one batted an eye at me. It has a very old fashioned feel to it and definitely meets my definition of a “Nice” restaurant. I’m positive that our waitress pegged me immediately because the girl had the biggest smile you have ever seen every time she came to our table. My partners in crime insisted that I was just being paranoid, but I’m purty sure. At one point I jokingly threatened to prove I was right by asking her but I just couldn’t get the guts up to do it and I wasn’t gonna lose any sleep over it one way or the other anyway!

Had a fine dinner, talked about 4 hours, and then I suckered them into picking up the tab! Nah I didn’t, they insisted (and thank you very much!). After dinner we stepped outside and took a few pictures for memories and for my posts. Due to their schedule, Missy Anne did not come dressed and they didn't want to take any chances, and so you are not gonna see their pictures here, but here is yours truly:

 When I got back to the hotel, I pulled a huge pink gown out of the closet that I had brought expressly for the purpose of taking pretty pics in. I’ve owned this dress for years but this is the first time I’ve hauled it somewhere to take pics in it. As you can imagine by looking at it, this thing is huge and takes up a significant portion of my luggage space, so you don’t haul it around lightly. Well, apparently I’ve gotten larger than I was when I bought this beautiful thing because it required a tight corset to get my fat butt into it. So, corset so tight I can’t breath, just short of passing out from lack of air, I tried to take a few pics in it. I’ve always wanted to try the Princess thing – what do ya think?

I don't know about y'all, but I sure wish I were a princess! :-) Sigh . . .


  1. Hi Kimberly,
    Been enjoying reading your blog this weekend. Hon you look teriffic!! That dress and the cinch make your figure better than ever. Please keep up the interesting blog.