Saturday, April 12, 2008

Think I'm Gonna Fly Fem!

Tomorrow I am off to Huntsville Alabama. I've been there once before I think, but not often enough to be familiar with the place.
I think I'm gonna do something crazy! All day tomorrow is a travel day for me - I don't have to see my customer. Add to that the fact that I already have confirmation from Delta that they have given me an upgrade to First Class, and I believe I am going to try and fly dressed!
The good news:
- IF I can keep the courage up to do it, this means I'm gonna be having a ball all day! No more feeling jealous about the girls wearing pretty outfits while I have to wear (gasp) guy clothes.
- I'm SO scared/excited I doubt I'll sleep tonight!
The bad news:
- I will have to get up before 3AM to get ready and make the drive in time to catch the flight
- Don't know how well my makeup and I are going to hold up to a long day traveling. I might look terrible by the time I get there.
- I'm SO scared/excited I doubt I'll sleep tonight! (Yes, I know I put this in the Good AND Bad news section 'cause that's the way I feel about it).
- What if they WONT let me through security? How much fun would it be to go in the Mens room to wash it all off and change? That would be AWFUL!
OMG - The thought is so scary I don't know if I've got the guts to do it or not. It would be so cool if I find that the Austin Airport gives me no hassles. If that's the case, I can see a lot of Frequent Flier miles in Kim's future. Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep the courage up and that the TSA and Airline will be cool about it. And man would I hate to have to return to my blog and post about how I chickened out! :-)

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