Friday, April 25, 2008

New hair - what a waste!

Well, I finally got my new hair and took it to Jon Davis in Austin to get it cleaned and styled. this is my current and all time favorite hair:

I bought these on the internet and knew I was taking a serious chance that the colors would not be what they looked like online and I was right – they look NOTHING like the pics online.
The bad news? I don’t like the darker haired version of my current wig (The short one) and I HATE the long one!

I don’t know if it’s the color or what, but I think they both make my face look harsh and older. I MAY be willing to wear the shorter one if I have to – say because my favorite is being cleaned, but I think the long one is a total loss - $150 down the drain.

I did get to go out in Austin but did not enjoy myself. While waiting at Salon Muse to get my hair done, I got multiple calls from my wife telling me that there were Tornados in the area and a warning was in effect for our town (meaning one was spotted close by). That was an hour away, so no way I could get home in time to be with her IF something DID happen. She told me she was fine just stay in Austin so I did. Worrying about it put a pretty big damper on the evening though. One of the Tgirls I had hoped to meet could not make it after all. Rifka, of the TACT organization in Austin was going to come by too, but when the weather got bad she made the wise choice to stay at home. So, bad weather + wife scared + all by myself = Bored and not having fun. Went to the hotel, washed up, and drove home to be with the family.

I think I’m gonna go drown my sorrows – by shopping. See ya.

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