Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Second day in Huntsville Alabama

OK, so my second day in Huntsville Alabama was not as exciting as my tip there (Thank Goodness). I’m gonna guess that there are not a lot of crossdressers in the area ‘cause almost everyone I met seemed stunned. In fact, I think the only person I interacted with that didn’t seem shocked was the fella that signed me in to the hotel the night before. He showed no surprise at all. Every one else I interacted with in Huntsville acted stunned, like they had just put their finger in a light socket.

Got the job done and am back to the hotel getting cleaned up by 1PM, and headed out shopping at about 230! I’ve had enough pushing the envelope for a while and so wore one of my favorite long skirts.

As I exited the hotel, one of the cleaning staff was sitting cross legged outside on the sidewalk smoking. She gave me a great big smile and said hello, so I returned the greeting. As usual, as soon as I started talking I saw “the look” indicating she had just realized I was male. I gave her a smile and told her “beautiful day out here huh? Now all you need is a beer and a guitar and you would have it made!” She laughed and agreed and I walked on to the car, and headed to the mall!

Had a pleasant day shopping – found a red top on sale in Dillards that I bought for about $10, and a couple of blouses for my wife.It sort of bummed me out though. Either I’m being overly sensitive or I am not passing at all. It seems that I was getting “the look” long before I got close to people or opened my mouth. I guess I have been wearing rose colored glasses ‘cause I look in the mirror and think I’m doing well and can pass, at least from a distance. The problem is I’ve got enough experience these days that I can recognize when people have made me. I’ll walk in next to a number of other people and the SA’s will offer to help them and utterly ignore me. Those that didn’t ignore me blushed and looked embarrassed as they asked if the could be of assistance. Oh well . . .
So, had a fair day of shopping, returned to the hotel and put my cute pink pumps on again, and then went to dinner at the Red Lobster. The place is PACKED and there are a lot of people waiting outside. There were three or four teenagers sitting on the bench outside the door and one of the girls looks at me and says “I LOVE your shoes! They are SO cute!”. I grinned and told her “Thank you! They ARE really cute aren’t they?” I swear I’m not exaggerating - as soon as I opened my mouth, the young ladies eyes visibly widened, and her mouth hung open, along with those of two or three of the other kids. They all stopped talking and watched me walk into the restaurant with eyes wide and open mouths. The hostess looked at me, got a huge grin on her face, and then asked me “how many?” Once again I had said nothing but had not passed. Shortly after the waitress took my order, I looked toward the kitchen . . . to see my waitress and two others staring at me with huge smiles on their faces. Took my time and enjoyed dinner, but my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. Went back to the hotel, washed up, and headed for “The Ultimate Karaoke Bar” in boy mode. I’m afraid the name didn’t match the reality. The place was so empty that while I was reviewing the song book the bartender came over and told me that management had told her to close up for the night. So I was in the hotel packing by 930PM and in bed by 1030.


  1. I certainly wish I had run into you--we could have had fun . . .

  2. Welcome to Huntsville life...