Saturday, July 7, 2007

Last Night I went to Sleep in Detroit City

There's a song in there somewhere. Too late! It's already been taken!

There are two points to this picture (besides boosting my ego):
1 - I got a new top while I was in Minnesota last week. I think it is perfect for this skirt and it is SO much nicer than a turtle neck knit top.
2 - I bought new ear rings for this outfit. One of my friends on-line (I'll just give you her intials - Gail Stauffer! lol) keeps commenting that I need to stop wearing the same ones over and over. Well here's proof that I own more than one pair of 'em!

So this week I was working in Detroit, a city known for many things, but near and dear to me as the birth place of my third child - my 67 Mustang. :-)
I managed to get my job done, my customer is a happy camper, and so I was free for the Friday evening. On one of my previous trips to the area I had met a Tgirl named Glenda. Now there are two people you can blame for my cruising the nations malls and inflicting my blog on you - Karen Hutton and Glenda.

Karen, because reading her adventures on excited me and made me want come out
and play too. Glenda, because when I first met her, I suggested we go out to a local gay bar to meet and Glenda refused. Seems she grew up in that area and knew it was not a good place to hang out. Instead she wanted to meet in the lounge of a rather nice hotel. Well, I had been to a few "normal" places dressed, but very few and it used to scare hell outta me, but this time it was just so cool! Glenda was perfectly comfortable, thus giving me confidence, and the waitress was just awesome - full of smiles and very friendly. If was such a nice experience to sit somewhere and talk where you didn't have to scream over music you don't like, while fending off guys that spill their drinks all over you trying to impress you even though you have a wedding ring on. Anyway, the experience opened my eyes - thanks Glenda!

Well, this time I met up with Glenda to go to a casino in down town Detroit. There is a bonus tonight - while visiting her 360 page, I noticed that Riz lives in the area and so I dropped her a note. It looks like she has to work until evening, but then she is going to meet us too!

We get into Detroit and it turns out there is a baseball game at the same time, so the area is PACKED and we had to park about a block and a half away and walk.Through the crowd. Through LOTS of people. Did I mention this used to scare the hell outta me?
Well, we get to the Casino and do the usual - lots of slots. Started out with 1 cent machines, moved to 2 cent bets, tried a $1 machine but lost lots real fast and backed down to quarter machines in a hurry. Lost about $70 dollars when I hit a good win and won $140! I was smart and took my money and ran home. (cough, cough, choke, gasp)
No I wasn't, I was stupid and kept playing. Ended up loosing somewhere in the area of $60 through the night, but hey, I had fun so what the heck!

Riz arrived around 11:30 with a GG friend of hers, Daniel, so we went out of the casino to a little
pastry shop where we sat and talked for about an hour and a half. Riz is a very serious woman - very concerned with the TG world and clearly determined to do her part to make it a better place to be. I was very impressed with her. We spoke of the mundane and of the serious - quite a nice chat. I have been thinking more and more lately that I should DO SOMETHING for the TG world. No idea WHAT, but something. The gay folks had their fight, the took the blows, and they earned their place in being accepted.
So far it seems to me like the majority of us TGs have simply reaped the rewards of their efforts.

Note: I am well aware there are some TG's out there fighting for us, but relatively speaking they are few and far between. Please don't flame me and drown me with comments.

Bad news though - gotta catch a plane in the morning so at 1AM I called it quites and we headed for the car. Glenda insists I'm crazy, but I did notice a few folks looking our way on the walk. I've come to accept this as the price for being out and about - SOME people ARE going to notice, so you may as well just deal with it. While I saw a few looks, no one hassled us, and that's what counts.

At the parking lot we took out the cameras and did a whole round of pictures up against a wall that was covered with graffiti art! Daniel laughed and told me "If someone offers to take our picture for us, your answer is NO!"
It took me a second to realize her point: how fast can you run in a long skirt and 3 inch heels after the guy that takes off with your camera?
Anyway, had a great time and looking forward to the next trip. I'm going to Peoria IL next week, anyone know anything about the place? Anyone? Hello?!

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