Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is This Yours?

(21 July 2007)

 So I am going through the security at the Peoria airport at 5AM trying to get back home when they pull my laptop out of the X-ray and tell me they need to go through it.
"No worries - help yourself," I say quite smug, knowing full well that I am a pro at this and that I don't have anything in there I shouldn't. The only problem is, I was wrong and I did have something in there that I shouldn't. So in front of everyone in the line he holds up my bottle of clear nail polish. I can't remember tossing it in my laptop bag, but I must have, because there it was!
He is holding it up between his thumb and pointing finger at about head height, with one eyebrow raised as a question. He pauses saying nothing as he holds the bottle and his eyebrow up for a moment.
"You want to take this back out?" he asks still holding it up for everyone behind me to see.
"Nah, chuck it," I replied.
"You can take it to your car if you like?" he said acting like the cat that got the canary.
"That's all right, go ahead and throw it away," I said smiling at him, all the while really wanting to throttle him because I LIKED that polish.
Hmm, your gonna have to work harder than that to rattle THIS drag queen!

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