Sunday, October 25, 2009

Same stuff, different day!

Thank you every one for your good wishes and prayers. I spent most of the afternoon with my wife, and nothing has changed. They are pumping her full of drugs to try and stop the contractions / labor, and also pumping antibiotics in to her. They kept her again tonight for observation, and again I had to leave her to take care of my daughter. :-( It feels so strange to be the one sitting at home and taking care of our daughter alone. I don't think I care for it! lol
They have not presented us with any long term plans yet, just trying to keep her from going in to full blown labor and keeping her under observation. No idea where we will be going with this . . .
As far as i know, my wife and the unborn critter are not in any serious danger. The worst likely outcome is that we have another premature baby and the complications that go with it for the first few weeks. I do not believe either of them are in any serious risk at the moment. They are of course monitoring the baby and he doesn't appear to be under any stress, so it's just a wait and see game for now.

Thanks again every one!

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