Sunday, October 25, 2009

Been to Chicago but not much to write about

Well, after sitting idle at my office for two weeks I finally hit the road again last week for a trip to Chicago. I've heard a lot of hype about new TSA regulations that went in to effect recently where the name on your itinerary must mach your ID precisely and they are now recording your gender. I didn't think this would affect me at all and I was right. It was just business as usual and I sailed through security. The thing is, from the moment I started getting ready I just felt . . . ugly . . .

Chicago 2009 10 22 001

Chicago 2009 10 22 003

I went through with it though, and headed out for the airport, all the while hoping that the feeling would go away and I would start to enjoy myself. As I said, I made it through the check in and security screening with no problem at all and was soon sitting on an airplane. Shortly after I found my seat and got comfortable, a guy in his 30's walked past me, looked at the woman sitting across the isle from me.
"This flying business is oh so glamorous isn't it?" he said with a huge smile and to the laughter of everyone around us, including myself. I arrived in Chicago at around noon to find my voice mail AND email full of messages. In a remarkably rare and convenient turn of events, another customer right in the same area just received his instrument back from our repair center, it didn't work, and the customer is mad as hell - tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. I got to the hotel and after one look in the mirror, and decided I was done for the day. The following day was long and stressful, but I was successful in addressing both issues and being back to the hotel by about four in the afternoon. It's a Friday night in Chicago, I'm free to do as I please, and yet I just couldn't dredge up the want, interest, or desire to hit the world as Kimberly.

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