Thursday, May 17, 2007

Houston Texas

This time in Houston Texas, not TOO far from home. Two bits of bad news as regards this trip though!
First, I posted on a number of groups and boards that I visit often asking if anyone knew of neat things to do in Houston. I got a few "I've got a friend from there - you should email her" emails, but not one from anyone that had a suggestions.
Second, I have been sick for weeks and it shows in these pictures. I've got some sort of chest infection that just wont let me go!
Well, having received no suggestions for things to do, I guess I'll go to the movies. I went and saw "Next" - it was pretty good!
I didn't want to call it a night so I went to take a look at Chances, a club I'd found on line. When I got there I found it to be in a very busy area, with all possible parking around it taken! Call me crazy, but I wasn't gonna park a block away and walk through a city I don't know, so I called it a night. Gonna have to check this place out a little earlier next time I'm here. It can't suck too bad or it wouldn't be so popular!
Back at the hotel and sound asleep by midnight. Up by 6:30 and headed back to Austin.

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