Friday, May 4, 2007

Back in Boston!

Once again in Boston! I get to Boston every once in a while for several reasons. My company is head quartered not far from there, and there are a number of players in the semiconductor industry there that use our equipment. It's not a bad deal for me as I like to visit the area. I will enjoy it a lot more as a result of this recent visit where I met with the "Sisters of Boston"!
Well, I went straight from Maryland (described in my last blog post) to Boston for another service call and thought it was gonna suck. Boston is a TG friendly place, but being alone can be a real downer.
I started the day out by going to the movies where I saw Spiderman. That's not the movie I wanted to see, but its the movie that happened to be starting when I got there! The woman at the ticket counter was (I'd guess) in her mid 60's and I'm not sure of she had a sense of humor, or if she clocked me, or both, but I walked up to the counter and said "How about Spider Man?"
She smiled and said "How about it?"
Hmmm . . . okay, so I smiled and said "How about a ticket to Spiderman please?"

So, I saw the movie, drove around, and went back to the hotel at about 6 PM. I've gotta be honest - I was kind of depressed that I was bored and wasn't gonna be meeting anyone in such a cool place as Boston. It is what it is though, and so I washed the makeup off, went back to boy mode, and settled down to read emails and posts. So its now 6:30 when I grab the laptop, crawl into bed, check into my favorite web forum and find I've got an invite from Sally to meet her and her friends at 8PM!

Sally, Ashley, and myself
I almost threw the laptop as I jumped outta bed and sprinted for the phone! I got her voice mail and left a classy and sophisticated message along the lines of "I wanna go, I wanna go! Please, please, please, please call me back!" Ran to the bathroom and started caking on the makeup. Got ready and called Sally again and this time I got her! It turns out they are going to meet in a hotel lounge not 5 miles from my hotel room - how convenient is that?! (I wont say where in case Sally doesn't want that broadcast)

Well, I met Sally in the parking lot - she was awesome! Very thoughtful, wanted to make sure that I was comfortable meeting everyone and getting into the hotel lounge. Sally looks just like her Avatar - beautiful and very much like a GG. Sally and her friends are just awesome, how I wish they were in Austin! They were laughing, joking, and having a ball! None of this quietly skulking in the corner stuff! They had a number of GG's come over and strike up conversations where there was a lot of smiles and laughter - this is what it should all be about.

Sally - your awesome and I am so grateful you allowed me to join you!

Well, by this time it was about 11PM, I had to catch a flight in the morning, and I had at least an hour of packing yet to do, and so I had to decline their invitation to go out for the rest of the night with them.
(Note to GG's - if you think YOU have it bad when you travel, try packing for two all the time!)

Not going with them was one of the hardest choices I've had to make. They were SOO much fun to be around and were clearly going to have a ball, but spending all day traveling after going out and on an hour of sleep would have killed me. Sheesh, I feel like such a wimp :-(
So the day started out poorly and then turned out great - thanks again Sally!

By the way, if you ever get the chance to meet with the "Sisters of Boston" take it - great group of people!

The Sisters of Boston

The Sisters of Boston

The Sisters of Boston

The Sisters of Boston

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