Friday, February 22, 2008

February 2008 Quapaw night 2

OK, so my second and I hope last night in Quapaw ends on a better note!

I had hoped to meet another Tgirl in Tulsa, but as luck would have it, the weather turned real nasty. With ice and sleet everywhere and it getting worse every moment, we decided it was not wise to head out for three hours of driving on ice. So, I stayed in Quapaw.
My first night here I went to the casino and very rapidly lost $40. I know a lot of you think I’m wealthy based on my lifestyle, but you have to remember that I travel for my job and so my company picks up the travel bills. When I’m out spending my own darn money, I have to live a bit more carefully, so I drew the line at $40 down.

Well, tonight things went a bit differently. Within about 10 minutes the video poker game I was playing struck gold. OK, maybe it was only silver but it was good enough for me. Suddenly the $20 I had put in was up to about $120. I said to myself “Self, lets play ‘till were down to $100 and then take the money and run!” Well, I played for a bit and was dismayed to see my total fall to just a bit above $100. Thinking to myself it was all over, I pushed the “Deal” button one last time . . . and was rewarded with the sound of “DING, DING, DING!” Now my original $20 was up to $160 and I said to myself “Self, be smart and cash it in and run like hell!”.
This I time I listened to myself and cashed out and ran for the dinning room.

When I entered dining room, I found it just about empty just as it had been the night before. This time however, the hostess came up quite rapidly and got me seated, and then the waitress followed shortly after. I ordered, ate, and then she went out of her way to chat with me a little. Her parting shot was “I like your shoes!”. I laughed and told her “Thanks! I like ‘em too because they sparkle!”
We both laughed and then I headed back to the hotel where I now sit writing this.

You know what I’m worried about now? The airport in Joplin is the smallest airport I’ve ever been in, so I now have two concerns.
1- Will it be closed tomorrow due to the weather?
2- At the ticket counter (and I do mean counter – singular) I saw an inspection table. I’m afraid they don’t have the equipment that larger airports have and they may go through my bags by hand. Considering the shoes, skirts, and other decidedly feminine articles in my bag, this might be more than a little awkward!

You know what? Quapaw is OK with me.

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