Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15, 2008 Cold In Indy

It’s been a BUSY week! My flight was supposed to leave at 6AM on 11 Feb for Indianapolis. Given that I am obsessive about getting to the airport two hours before a flight, and the airport is almost an hour from where I live, this means my day started at 3AM. I get to the airport and find that my flight has been canceled because the crew got in late. You want to get mad about that sort of thing, but if you stop to think about it, most of us would agree it’s much better to have a pilot that is awake. 
Fortunately, as I was there so early that they had time to rebook me on another flight that left around the same time so it all worked out just fine.

When I arrived I met Dana Fleming for lunch! Due to both of our schedules, we had to meet “drab”. Personally, I’m not real fond of meeting folks that way. It’s sort of an ego thing as I don’t think I’m terribly attractive as a guy, and so feel more confident as Kim. It takes some bravery to meet other CD’s this way for the first time and Dana was way cool with it and had the courage! She met me at my hotel and called me from the parking lot where I then joined her. As soon as we saw each other we started to laugh. We are both pretty much bald (Damn it) and had on almost identical sweaters!

We talked a lot during lunch – most of which I can’t share for fear of saying something she might not want the world to know. She has one of those careers where your job pretty well counts on people thinking your rough and tough and a man’s man, and she can not afford to take any chances with folks figuring out her hobby. After lunch we went to the mall where, believe it or not, she had to pick up some face cream for her wife! The lady we asked at the counter had the most awesome eyes I have seen – they were perfectly presented by elaborate eye shadow and I was very jealous! Well, I wanted to shop for pretty things and we didn’t think it would be a real good idea for her to be seen shopping for girl stuff with me so we parted ways. Much like myself, Dana DOES go out, just not close to home. If you get the chance to meet her go for it – she’s cool!

Did my shopping and bought some “Guess” perfume. I like it because it is not overwhelming – it has a very “clean” sent to it. It came with lotion that has glitter in it so your skin sparkles! I also found a purple knit top in the style I like so much. What do you know, it goes PERFECT with one of my favorite skirts!

I checked the weather before I left Austin (80 degrees) for Indianapolis, and found it was supposed to be a bit cold, but no real bad weather expected. I was therefore a bit surprised the next day when I woke up to find the roads covered with snow and ice. It took me about 40 minutes to go 10 miles because of all the rubber neckers stopping to look at this over turned truck. Grrrrrr!!!!

All I had brought was my favorite open toed sandals, and since it was cccccccold, and there was Ice and snow everywhere, I went shopping for some pretty boots! It was funny, it was just myself and maybe two GG’s shopping in the store but the manager kept coming over the PA telling all of us that they had a number of specials going on and if you buy one pair of boots you get . . . etc, etc. I was the only one looking at boots so apparently he was trying the hard sell on yours truly. Well, sounded good but he didn’t have any boots I liked so no sale!

The next day I met Kara again and this time we had both brought guitars! I met her on my last trip to Indy and blogged about how awesome she sang Frank Sinatra at karaoke. Well on the trip we found that we were both going to be in Indy again at the same time and so we had planned to get together and jam. 
We met at Candi’s house, a GG friend of hers in Indy, and we ate Pizza, sang, and jammed on guitars. Folks, I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years. I’ve been all over the world with it, jammed with lots of folks, and I’m here to tell you that Kara is hands down the best musician and singer I have ever personally met. We are not talking about her being a little better, we are talking whole leagues better than anyone I have ever jammed with. The upside of this is that it is a lot of fun to play with someone who is really good and can pick up and improve on anything you play. The down side is that I could not return the favor – no way I could come close to backing her up with most of the songs she could play, and it left me feeling a bit of an inferiority complex. LOL That’s OK, it just makes you strive to get better at it!
Thursday I headed back home to Austin. Had a very early flight and so arrived there around noon, purty tired after being up late and getting up so early. With all of my bags still sitting in the truck, I picked my wife up at the office and we went to lunch . . . where I got a call that a big customer of ours was dead in the water and unable to process their product because our instrument had failed. I told my wife it had been great to see her, and that we would have to do this again sometime, and then I drove an hour south of Houston. By the time I got there and got settled, it had been about a 18 hour day so there was no chance in hell Kimberly was gonna go explore Houston!

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