Thursday, March 24, 2016

Celtic Woman - Destiny Tour

Ok, so the other night I went to see “Celtic Women” live at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis! I’ve always loved them and so this was a really neat thing for me! I really sweated it out over what to wear, but in the end the high winds and relative cool sort of made the decision for me. I was going to wear a medium length kirt that was kind of fluffy, but with the really high winds that we had that night, I would have had my skirt up around my ears. I figured I was gonna be too busy trying to keep my hair from flying away to be properly dealing with my skirt, and so I chose a long sued skirt that the wind couldn’t mess with. All in all, I was reasonably happy with the look, though not exactly giddy.

The show was every bit as awesome as I’d hoped, with the young women being not only incredible singers, but of course also exceptionally beautiful. The beautiful blond woman that dances and leaps around the stage, all while playing violin beautifully, was absolutely heart stopping. She has piercing blue eyes that just reach out and grab you, and when you add that to her grace and talent, she is possibly one the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She is a teeny little thing too, barely coming up to even the shoulders of the other women. I’d be surprised if she was even five feet tall – it was like watching Tinker Bell flit around the stage!
Of course lots of  performers have created beautiful renditions of “Amazing Grace” through the years, but the one that they offered was just incredible.  It started with two bag pipes and ended with the full blown band and a choir, and it was so beautiful that it sent chills up and down your spine.
Of course lots of women were very well dressed, so I didn’t stand out for my attire. Maybe for my height, size, and bulk, but not for my outfit. The woman that sat next to me on my right side had brought her elderly mother with her, and for some reason mom was not happy with the seats. We were only four rows back from the stage, possibly the best seats in the house, but mom was not happy.  The woman kept leaning over and speaking softly to me about her unhappy mother.
“She doesn’t like the seats! I have no idea what is wrong with her!”
So as the concert is starting, with the beautiful violinist I mentioned above taking to the stage, the woman next to me leans over and says “Wow! That girl has some arms on her huh?!”
Looking down at my own masculine arms and chest, I almost choked . . .


  1. The yesterdays' evening was so astonishing that I couldn't fall asleep.

  2. Kim, glad to see you are still with us. Had not seen any new posts for quite a while. I was beginning to miss your uplifting postings!

    I know about those multi-month assignments, they really do suck.

    Take care and keep letting us know how things go.


  3. Can't wait their next concert in my town. Are you with me?

  4. Máiréad Nesbitt is the violin/fiddle player. She's a former all Ireland Champion, that violin she plays is named Max and is 307 years old! Yes, we are huge Celtic Woman fans and have seen them probably 10 times including the taping of their special "Believe" at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. We donate to Public Broadcasting so we get way advance notice of them. We just got our tickets in the mail a couple of days ago and we have front row at the Fox again. This year will still be khakis and pullover shirt. Next year will be a lot different! Oh, and their Amazing Grace (my favorite hymn) always brings me to tears.