Thursday, June 18, 2015

You've come a long way baby!

I've not been making much money for my company, but at least I have been busy and presumably doing something to earn my paycheck!

I took a long drive a couple of weeks ago to Pryor Oklahoma to work with a customer at a huge cement plant there, and that drive turned into a bit of a nightmare. On the way up Interstate Highway 35, there was a large sign saying "incident ahead" followed by a sign about half a mile later saying "Freeway closed ahead!"
I figured that it must be complete bullshit as this was way out in the middle of nowhere, where there were no exits for miles, and no roads to get to even if you were willing to just make your own exit. There was literally no place to go, so how can they close the freeway?!  Well, I guess that the joke was on me, because they did close the thing, and in both directions too, and it stayed closed for over three hours! There we sat, for three hours; hundreds of cars and trucks with no possible way to get off of the freeway, and with no idea why it was closed. I'd already been driving for almost three hours when I got stranded there, so I've gotta admit that my eyeballs were seriously starting to float. If I hadn't been "dressed", I might have walked off a few yards and done my business in the bushes, but somehow that just didn't seem appropriate when wearing a skirt and heels! I found out later that night that a couple of guys had stolen a police car, and the freeway was closed so that they could investigate the crime scene.

On my drive back home a couple of days later, it wasn’t a whole lot better. I once again found myself at a virtual standstill for an hour and a half because a semi-truck and trailer had caught fire and burned just about all of the way to the pavement. I'd swear that I couldn't even recognize an engine in the burnt remains of the truck  when I finally got along side. Can a fire get hot enough to actually melt an engine?!

I got home from that trip on Friday night and then had to head right back out Sunday morning for a week in the Boston area. My company is headquartered just north of Boston, and I was there for training. Very little to share with you about that week that you might find interesting, but I did get the chance to go to dinner with Connie and Sally! After dinner, we sat and talked for the better part of four hours I think. I don't recall exactly what we yapped about - it was pretty much just your typical socializing. If you stop to think about that for a second, it's actually kind of remarkable in its own right. When I was a teenager, and even when I was a bit older and in my early twenties, I recall thinking that I would have to commit suicide if anyone ever "caught" me dressed as a woman, and here I am spending a casual night in a restaurant chatting with friends! You've come a long way baby!


  1. Kim- Oklahoma doesn't seem like a great place for a cross-dresser... but with your look, i'd sure buy you a drink! Only i'd have to do it in male mode... only because you'd put me to shame with that look! hug, sara e