Monday, February 23, 2015

Yeah, I aint dead yet . . .

Just thought I'd throw a quick post out there to let y'all know that I am alive and well, I'm just not flying pretty a whole lot these days for an assortment of reasons.

We are trying to convince a major customer of ours to start a service contract with us, where they pay us to come out and provide preventative maintenance on their equipment periodically. It's kind of a big deal for us, and so our sales manager for that region has been meeting me there when I arrive so that he can tag along when I visit the customer. Needless to say, that sort of means that I can't be arriving in high heels. I've also made several service calls that have me going directly from the airport to the customers location, and so again, I can't arrive in a skirt - at least not if I want to remain employed.
Worse than both of those reasons for not flying pretty, I've apparently become super allergic to something in the Austin area, presumably cedar. The last few weeks, I've spent most mornings working my way through an entire box of tissue despite my being stoned out of my mind on antihistamines. Most antihistamines pretty much knock me on my ass - they make me really sleepy, jumpy, and grumpy. Can you picture me traveling? A purse full of tissue paper, the makeup smeared and missing from my face from the constant wiping, and me yelling at anyone that gave me grief! yeah, I have just been traveling as a sleepy, grumpy, old man with a runny nose. 

So yeah, I'm still here, but aint nothing about me "pretty" these days. . .


  1. Kim -

    I hope that your firm gets that maintenance contract - it will keep people employed, and be a newer model of business for part of your firm.

    Wish you could fly pretty, but understand all too well what you're going through. Hope things change for the better soon....


  2. Glad to hear you're alive and kicking!

  3. Hang in there. Hope you get well soon and you get the contract in place. And, glad to hear from you again. I've missed your posts, which I enjoy immensely.
    Restless in Seattle

  4. Missed you very much- Love your adventures

  5. Hi Kim,

    So you're not able to dress and travel like you once could. You're still a lovely lady, and have inspired many of us to bravely face the world. You're still a very entertaining writer. I hope you get over the allergies soon.


  6. Hi Kim,
    I mirror the sentiments of the others. I'll keep my fingers crossed with the contract, I know only to well what its like to try and get customers on board. And as Marian said it may stabilize the comany some what and in turn your own job, which we now was aways a worry.

  7. Like everyone else, glad to see that you are still with us. Like you, my allergies have blossomed early this year.
    What works for me is a concoction of Allegra, or Clariton, along with Nasacort (nasal spray), and at last a decongestant (due to state law, the 'D' versions of the anti-histamines are RX only, and I don't like to see the Dr.). It sounds like a lot of work, but with the exception of the decongestant,(every 4 hours) it is all only once a day.
    Benadryl will knock me about in about 30 min., and leave me with a viscous hangover, so I have to watch what I use.
    Hope things keep going well, so...
    Bon Voyage, and Gesundheit !

  8. Nice to see you're still around Kim. You look great.
    [Regarding one of your earlier posts] The Mustang looks great and those shoes definitely go with that dress. lol. :)

  9. For allergies, I have successfully used an air cleaner for pollen in TX and FL. Most HEPA filters are not fine enough for pollen and cat dander. What works is the Bionaire ULPA filters. Just run it on low in your bedroom 24 hours per day. This gives your sore sinuses a rest while you sleep, and the effect carries over to the following day, somewhat. Note that I have tested a dozen HEPA filters, but only the Bionaire ULPA works. Unfortunately, this is a discontinued product, but some can be found on the Internet and EBAY. Stock up on the disposable filters

  10. I will be flying pretty next Thursday and a few tips to keep my sanity. HELP!!!

    1. I'm SO sorry Kathy! I've been a bit under the weather and today is the first time I've checked in on my blog in a while. So - how did your trip go?