Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Screwed the pooch!

Well, I screwed the pooch! (Messed up)

For those of you that don't know, Flickr is a website where you can upload your photos onto the internet. Once there, you can use these photos in blogs or posts on forums. All of the photos that you see in my blog are posted in that way - the photo exists on the Flickr website, and in my blog post, I tell the blog where to find that photo so that it can be displayed here.

Well, for personal reasons I recently changed my flickr account to make all of my photos private for a while. When I decided that this was no longer necessary, I changed them all back to "public" and thought that that would be that! I was wrong.
You see, Flickr pulled a fast one on me - it changed the LOCATION of each and every photo on my account. Now if you think about that for a second, you will realize that this is a pretty big problem for me. . .

For years I've been writing blogs and making posts on forums. As an example, in any one of those posts, I've told the blog software to find the photo that I want displayed in that particular post at "flickr/StupidKimberly/folder A/pic 1" and now flickr has changed that location to "flickr/StupidKimberly/Folder C/pic 1". As a result, every post and blog that I have ever made over the last decade and a half now links to photo locations that no longer exist - that is why all of the photos do not display correctly now. 
I will slowly make my way through all of the old blogs that I have posted and fix them. As long as I am going through the effort anyway, I will probably go ahead and move/copy the photos I used in this blog to's photo hosting site so that this doesn't happen again. Closing the barn door AFTER the horse has escaped . . . 

I've had a lot of emails and messages asking if I am all right, and so I thought I should make a post to let everyone know that nothing is wrong with me and I have not died or gone into hiding. I've just unintentionally screwed things up and there is no way to fix it in a hurry.
I also want y'all you to know how much I appreciate the concern that so many of you showed - y'all are awesome!


  1. You can add me to the list of folks who wondered what had happened and hoped everything was all right...I just couldn't find an email to which I could send a message. Your absence was noted...and you were missed by me, as well as many others!

    Glad you're back!


  2. Good to hear from you, even it is bad news. I have always enjoyed your pictures (but the words are so much more important) so it is a shame that they have been messed about

  3. Very happy to see that you are all right. Hope you know how many friends and admirers you have. Hope everything else is getting better, too.

    Let us know where the pics go. I follow you on both your Blog and Flickr, which seems to be getting worse and worse.

    Envious in Seattle

  4. i am soooo glad to once again be able to read your blogs. ( yea i know your saying i need to get a life LOL *sigh*)
    gee there must be a way to correct thisat flicker without the hassle of going back through all those blogs...