Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can't wear heels . . .

Now I'm bummed. I've got a fairly rare skin condition called Erythema Nodosum (

The shit really sucks because it hurts quite badly and despite what the articles say, it leaves my legs permanently disfigured  - discolored and with depressions where the nodules used to be.

Well, for the most part this has been an ego and a grin-and-bear-it kind of thing.
Ego because I hate the way it makes my legs look
grin-and-bear-it because I have to deal with my legs hurting pretty badly.

This time, it's gone a bit beyond that though, because most of my joints are swollen and hurt quite badly - my ankles and wrists.

Why am I telling you this? Yesterday I was picking out shoes for my upcoming trip, and I found a pair that I liked and tried them on. . . and I almost fell flat on my damned face! The pain from my left ankle when at that angle and with weight on it was absolutely stunning. It goes without saying that I will NOT be going anywhere pretty for a while because I can't wear my damned heels

DAMN IT . . .

Of course, I guess that I can go shopping for women's flats, but that seems like SUCH a waste . . .


  1. Kim,

    I have had a problem with my big toe that has made wearing high heels really painful too. I have bought some flats and like them better than I thought I would. Sometimes they make me feel more feminine, because I focus on my gait and the swing of my hips more. Anyway, we ought to have fun any way we can!

    We hope you feel better soon and that your feet can return to their rightful place in your heels as soon as possible!

  2. Kim - I am so sorry that you are suffering with this leg pain, but worse yet the pain of not being able to be yourself. I have had issues with blood clots and discoloration on my legs, but I have been able to slap on some leg makeup and I can still be as femme as I please. Not being able to wear what you want when you want would be more unbearable than the physical pain for me... I pray that you will be healthy and happy again very soon. Hugs

  3. Kim, how are they treating this problem?

  4. Kim -

    Having flats is always in a woman's arsenal of shoes. Sometimes, as we all know too well, heels can be very painful. But we have to walk. So we just have to look a smidgen less pretty and be more comfortable. If natal women make that choice, why shouldn't we do so as well?


  5. I wish there were some way to help.

    *contacts Dr. Rudy Wells*
    *gets you bionic legs*

  6. Was wondering what was up since you had not been popping up on Flickr of late...
    Wishing you well on the leg issues. I had untreated varicose veins that while ugly,and not too painful, can at least be covered up with a suntan nylon.
    Hope you and your family had a great Holiday season, and can't wait to see you back 'up' on your feet soon!

  7. I prefer flats to heels. Some say, however, that we pass better in heels. They promote a more feminine walk.