Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Parenting the Transgendered Teen

So today I stumbled onto a heart warming blog from a mother raising a transgendered daughter. I can't even really put my finger on exactly what it is about the blog that impresses me so much, but it impress me it has! The mother is just so level headed about it all and somehow manages to navigate the minefields with humor and love. She treats her daughter the way that all parents should treat their children - lets her run free when and where it is appropriate, and hooks her up and puts the brakes on her when it's called for. In other words, she is a good mother and if I could reach this lady I would give her a huge hug. :)



  1. Reach me, please reach me!!! I'm at openarms2lgbt@gmail.com

  2. I just might do that! Of course I'll have to meet you as a boy because I wouldn't want to terrify you - "OMG - PLEASE tell me that THIS is not what my daughter will grow up to look like!!"

  3. Kim
    Thanks so much for posting the link to-"parenting the tg teen".
    Their story has touched my heart.
    and you? Well what can I say? I've followed you for years. yeah, I know...
    I almost feel weird to admit that.
    But you dress hotter than most real women I know.
    Scary huh? but yeah, accept it, it's true.