Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Stuff

So I've started sort of writing a book lately. I think the whole idea is kind of arrogant - it implies that my life would be interesting enough for people to want to read about it.
So anyway, I was tearing through a bunch of old photographs looking for pics to use in the book and stumbled on many that brought back a lot of memories - some good, some not . . .

This is my very first car, and yes, they young man trying to look like a bas ass is me.

Ft Sill in front of first car

This was a 1967 Mustang and I bought it in 1984 for $600. On the salary of a PFC in the Army, this was a hell of a lot of money for me at the time. The car was at least half bondo, clearly someone's project car who had given up part way through it. It had a sun roof, side pipes, and chrome rims. At least it had chrome rims until I literally tore them off when Jack Daniels and I put the car through a couple of trees. For all of it's flaws, I LOVED that car.

This picture was in my room, in the barracks at Ft Sill and would have been very close to the same time the mustang picture above was taken.

Ft Sill In Barracks

This was pretty much my life. If I wasn't in the car, I was either drinking, or playing guitar, or both.

The picture below is of my second classic Mustang, which I bought shortly after getting out of the Army in 1986.

My second Mustang - 1968 Fast back Mustang

It was a 1968 Fastback, and today it would easily sell for $30K. (Damn it!)
I played a bit too hard with this one and blew the engine. I left it in the hands of my mother and her husband when I re-joined the army, and they arranged to have the engine rebuilt. Funny thing - here the car is sitting at one of his friends, no engine in it, and supposedly someone stole it by towing it off. Something fishy about that! When combined with a few other things, I never quite forgave them for that, as this was my end all, get all, dream car.

My third Mustang is below

Ft Lewis my 1965 Mustang 2

You wont see any pictures of its passenger side because it was destroyed in an accident by it's previous owner. Outside it looked like hell but the interior was perfect. This was taken at Ft Lewis WA shortly after I went back in to the Army, so probably about 1987.

This pic was taken when my wife and I were leaving Ft Lewis and the United States to go live in Germany for three years.

At Ft Lewis Playing Guitar

The down side to my being a cross dresser - I like having a mustache when in boy mode. :-(
You know what's sad about this picture? I thought I was ugly back then! I look at it now and think "Damn! I didn't look half bad!", but back then i thought I was ugly as hell. Gotta wonder . . .

Matt and casey at YOP Studio
This was at the YOP recording Studio in Leiphiem Germany. The two on the left ran the studio. If you zoom in on the pictures on the wall, you will see a couple that have girls in them. WRONG! It's their pictures - they were cross dressers! I was so far in the closet at the time that I never spoke about it with them. I always wished I had though . . .

The first time I held my son

My son was born almost two months premature and spent his first few days in a German hospital and in incubators . Here the nurse offered to let me hold him, but I was afraid I'd drop or break him and declined. She gave me this real evil smile and plopped the boy into my hands anyway, and someone took the pic. . .

Washing White Mustang
This is my Fourth Mustang I bought a few years after leaving Germany. This was in Albuquerque NM. This is a 1969. This car sat outside at a storage lot in Texas for almost 10 years. When we got there, it was uniform gray from years of dust. Poured so gas in the carb and she started first try. I bought her on the spot. :-)
You know you GOTTA love a car to be standing outside washing it in the snow. I didn't want to let any salt from the roads to start working on her!

And for those of you going "What the hell???!!! Where is the crossdressing in this blog??!!!", here is a pic of me in Austin probably ten years ago.


This would have been with in a year or so of the first time I'd ever gone out in to the world. Would you believe my wife made that dress for me?! Isn't that cool?!

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