Sunday, May 9, 2010

Odds and Ends

OK, I have no idea why, but for some reason it has amused me in the last few years to come off sounding just as red neck as I can get. Considering that I'm from Southern California, I suppose it's a bit odd. Well, the other day I ran into a little side effect of my affectation. My five year old daughter and I were talking.
"Daddy, that aint right!" She says
"Sweetheart, 'Aint' really isn't a good word to use." I felt like a hypocrite considering how often I say it, but still it is one of my jobs as a Daddy to teach her. So she looks up at me with those bright blue eyes.
"Oh! Is 'that is not right' any gooder Daddy?" You have no idea how many times my wife has told me to stop saying "gooder" but I just HAD to keep doing it . . .
I've had so many people tell me that I should write a book, that I think I've actually decided to give it a go. My thoughts so far are to more or less tell my life story (such as it is) and then move on to tell my travel tales. I figure once I complete the whole 'life story' part, I can just about cut and paste all of my blogs for the part that focuses on the traveling.
You know, as stupid as this might sound, I hadn't realized just how screwed up some parts of my life were until I started writing. Hell, I think I'm depressing my damn self!
So what do you think? Would enough people actually buy the book to make it worth doing if I were to write it? Any publishers out there? LOL
Next week I'm off to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds MD for Mon - Thu. This is the same customer I worked with a few years ago where I got the chance to go to the Smithsonian . . . and got my car towed . . . Yeah, if I do get to go to the Smithsonian again, I will make sure I don't get my car towed again. That would be much gooder . . .

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