Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 30, 2007- Sally, Rita, and the Sisters of Boston

So now I’m in Boston! I got there Saturday night and went out with the Sisters of Boston .

Sally came and picked me up and we went to dinner at a small Italian place.
It was so funny – we must have been the first TGirls they have ever had, or at the very least it must be a rare event. You could see the hostess do a double take but she recovered well. About five minutes later, while Sally and I were going over the menu I saw the hostess peek around the corner and point us out to another girl. When I glanced up they were suddenly “busy “.
After dinner we moved on to pick up Dina (the lady in the middle in the pic at right)

I was told that Dina had gone shopping "dressed" for the first time the night before. Hard to believe – she looks so perfect. She is small and looked 100% "real" to me. If I looked like that I would never go back to boy mode. We went to the mall because she had to return something she had purchased the night before. As we passed a couple of guys in their early 20’s, one of them let out quite the theatrical laugh that was clearly intended to mock us. I was out and pretty, with two other pretty ladies and having a great time and I wasn’t about to let some punk bother me, so we just kept walking.

After we did a little shopping, we moved on to the Randolph Country Club to join the Halloween party, already in progress. As I walked into the club, Rita walked up and introduced herself to me. She and I are connected on yahoo 360 but I had failed to recognize her. She had her first make over that night and was so excited! At least half a dozen times that night, folks that I had never met walked up to say  “Aren’t you Kim”? I felt like some sort of star or something. Isn’t the internet an odd place – so many people come to know you by reading your blog.

Sally was one of those cute ensigns from Star Trek and was cute as heck. She carried a little Tricorder that we all played with and laughed about through out the night.

There had to be at least 40 TGirls there, short ones, tall ones, skinny ones, large ones, and some were drop dead gorgeous. Sigh . . . wish I had that problem! 

Speaking of cute and gorgeous, here was my favorite outfit from the night:

After the club closed, seven of us went to IHOP for breakfast. We got every kind of reaction you can imagine. Some folks were tickled to death, and some just kind of stared at as. I’d say the majority of the folks were in costumes. While we sat out in the waiting area waiting for a table, a drop dead gorgeous GG walked in wearing an identical Batgirl outfit to Ashley. As you can imagine, this launched an energetic round of comparing, laughing, and amusement.
It was a fun night and I was sorry when it came to an end.
Thanks for driving and letting me join you Sally!

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