Monday, November 26, 2007

November 26, 2007 - I had a dream

Many years I ago I had a very intense and realistic dream. It was a very simple dream, and I'd be surprised if anyone who is NOT transgender would understand why I found it to be so powerful and emotional.
I was a woman, in front of a mirror, brushing my hair. I was not a beauty queen in this dream, nor a princess, a "hotty", or a sex goddess. I was just a woman, brushing my hair. Told you it was simple.

For all of its apparent simplicity, it was one of those dreams that seems so real, feels so real, that it takes a moment upon waking to realize that it was . . . just . . . . a dream. When I did wake up enough to know it was just a dream, and that I most certainly was not a woman doing this most mundane thing, I felt tears running down my face.
This dream was the inspiration for this drawing.

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