Sunday, November 14, 2010

My first makeover - 1997

All right, 1997. I mention it because it was when I got my very first makeover! I went to Boston for training and hooked up with Jamie Austin who I had met on the Internet before going. A lot of TG folks will know Jamie Austin these days because she is pretty darn famous for her makeovers. Well, she was NOT so well known then and gave me a make over as a courtesy to our common friend, Jasmine.

At this time, Jamie was still trying to decide if she wanted to do it professionally. Well, obviously she DID decide to do it professionally because she is now very well known around the country.
The pictures you see here are the last surviving remnants of that makeover. These were pulled back off the internet via screen capture after my hard drive crashed and then printed, scanned, and any number of other bad things that have now resulted in very poor quality.
This makeover was a water shed moment for me, an epiphany if you will. I have been a cross dressers my entire life, literally for as far back as I can remember, but this was the very first time I looked in a mirror and thought “Oh my God, I can be pretty!”  This had good and bad repercussions. 
Good, in that who doesn’t want to feel attractive? 
Bad, in that I became fairly obsessed with spending all of the time I could cross dressed.


  1. Oh wow, I remember this. You had some great pics done.

  2. OMG... Kim, I believe I may have some pictures of you that Jamie sent me back in maybe 1998? If so, that would mean you were in my old Top Ten... does that sound right??

    Wow, I'd never have connected you if I didn't recognize that first shot...

    Email ya when I find the archives...

    Hugs, KC

  3. Yes KC, once upon a time I was young and cute and could give the hotties a run for their money. LOL