Monday, August 20, 2007


Actually, to put a comment in perspective I really need to start with the trip I made last week to Detroit. I’ve flown out of Austin “dressed” a lot lately but have been reluctant to try it from other airports.
While Texas is a very. . . umm . . . conservative State, the city and area of Austin are really very liberal and accepting of alternative lifestyles. They sort of take pride in their more unique citizens. So knowing that I can fly from Austin with out hassle is not necessarily the same as knowing that I can fly from any airport. Well, I thought I’d settle that question when I checked in for my Detroit flight in boy mode last week – I point blank asked the lady at the Delta Counter. When I handed her my ID, she looked at it.
“You would think I’d have that name memorized by now!” she said, and we both laughed. I figured it was probably familiar to her more for the fact that I fly “dressed” with them a lot, rather than the fact that I just fly a lot in general, so this sort of emboldened me.
“I’ve got a some what embarrassing question for you,” I started.
“What’s that Mr Huddle?”
“I fly out of here cross dressed a lot, and wondered if I can assume other airports will be as accommodating as y’all are about it?”
She got a real embarrassed look on her face, and I guess I made her nervous, because she really didn’t answer my question. She replied something along the lines of “It’s no problem, just show your ID going through security” There was a line of people behind me, and there are limits to my courage, so I didn’t repeat the question.

OK, now fast forward to this week when I’m now checking in “dressed” for my trip to Indianapolis. As luck would have it, it’s the same lady at the Delta counter and as I hand her my ID she gets this huge smile on her face.
“You look wonderful!” she tells me.
“Well thank you very much! I tried anyway,” I replied as I hefted my two huge bags on to the scale at the counter.
“Well you look cute,” she repeated as she checked me in.
“That’s what I’m aiming for, but it sure is getting harder the older I get.”
“Yeah, me too!” she said and we both laughed.
As I finished checking in, I started to wonder if I had the guts to fly “dressed” to Boston next week on Jet Blue – an airline I’ve never used. What the hell, I decided to go to their counter and just ask them if it would be a problem. The interesting thing is that on the way to their counter there was a film crew with two huge cameras, crews, and reporters, doing an interview. They had the entire walk way blocked so you had to walk between the two camera crews. I almost turned around but decided to hell with it and kept walking. If you were watching Channel 8 in Austin you probably saw the back of my head as I walked past! lol
The counter was empty so I walked right up.
“I’m flying with y’all next week and was wondering if y’all are all right with letting me fly cross dressed like this?” She gave me a great big and genuine smile.
“Absolutely not a problem!” she replied.
“Way cool, thanks!” I told her and walked away feeling rather pleased with myself!

(took this pic from the plane and thought it was cool enough to share)

Got to Indianapolis with absolutely no hassles and checked in to the hotel. Chatted up the cute young lady behind the counter for a bit, shopped two Goodwill stores (thrift / second hand store) but didn’t find anything, so I went to the Metro for Fish and chips and karaoke.
I’ve been sitting there for just a few minutes when a pretty young lady strikes up a conversation with me. When she found out I was by myself she invited me to come sit with her and her friends and I took her up on the offer. Turns out her name is Carla, and she is in Indy from Houston. That starts off a round of talk about us being practically neighbors. She sang “I’m a Redneck Woman” and did a great job. Can’t remember what I sang but I didn’t impress myself much. Called it quites a bit later than I should have and headed for the hotel.

Day Two

Tried a new top that I wasn't sure would look good on me. I knew the lime green top went with the skirt, just wasn't sure the color would go well with my complexion. I think it worked well?

Turns out the Indy area has a new Casino open in Shelbyville just South East of the city.
They treated me great there – no worries! The waitresses there are awesomely cute and wear these itty bitty little black skirts and tops. Wow . . .
I lost $20 and decided I really don’t like this new trend where I always loose money at Casino’s!
Headed to dinner at English Ivy’s - my favorite restaurant in the country. Enjoyed a good meal and then called an end to my evening. With my training the new guy, we had not got as much accomplished at our customer’s as I liked that day so we were going to have go in early in the morning to try and make up for lost time. No way I was gonna stay out late knowing I had to be up early. In the hotel elevator, there was a young woman in the shortest dress I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure that she would not have the option of even sitting in the thing if she didn’t want everyone to see what was under it. She saw me glance at her outfit and smiled.
“I would kill to have your figure so I could wear a dress like that,” I told her.
I swear I’m not making this up - she gave me a great big smile, put one hand behind her head lifting her hair in a sultry look, put her other hand on her hips and struck a sexy pose.
“You think I’m all that, huh?” she said, and then promptly bent over in a fit of laughter.
“Honey, you do just fine,” she said as she looked me up and down. “You’ve got it going on! Just look at those legs and hips!”
“Yeah,” I said, “but my hips are fake as hell and yours are the real thing!” There were a few more inane comments before we reached her floor and she stepped out.

Day Three

Got the job done, back to the hotel, and out the door as Kim by 7:30! I had planed to wear my purple skirt with a new purple top I had bought, but it turns out the top was to small, so I backed up and punted with one of my favorite outfits that I had also brought with me.
First thing I decided to do was to go get my $20 back from the Casino! They had a live band there in “The Center Bar” that was pretty good. Nothing to write home about, but pretty good, so I listened for a few. Made my way to the video poker machines and in less than 10 minutes I got four of a kind and won $20. Thought about playing some more but knew I’d be mad as hell if I wound up loosing again, so I took the money and ran!

I returned to Indy and went to this kind of dive called Illusions where I know they do Karaoke on Thursdays. I’ve hung out there before and had a great time, but this time it creeped me out. The first thing I noticed was that it looked like a homeless mens shelter. It was full of older guys that all had that half starved and gaunt look to them. The people singing karaoke were terrible, and when I tried a song, they played it in such a low key that I would have had to sing bass. L Even after I sucked so bad, this one guy kept coming up and gushing about how awesome it was, etc, etc. He was WAY drunk and pretty much wouldn’t leave me alone. It took me about 5 minutes to decide I couldn’t stand it, so I left and went to the Metro again where they were also doing Karaoke.
Once again Carla from Houston was there, and once again she invited me to join her and her friends. Carla is one of those VERY outgoing and cocky women that draw a swarm of people around her, so it was kind of neat to sit with them and chat some.

Sang a few songs, including “If you could read my mind” and frankly . . . I think I was in the zone and sounded great! If you were there and thought I sucked, don’t tell me – leave me my illusions OK?

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